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Wednesday Reflection


6th January 2021


'the Feast of the Epiphany'

"Where is the one
 who has been born
 king of the Jews?
 We saw his star when it rose
 and have come to worship him.
 And having been warned
 in a dream not
 to go back to Herod,
 they returned to their
 country by another route.

....Matthew 2: 2, 12

Today is the
Feast of the Epiphany
when we celebrate the visit
of the Magi to the child Jesus.

There has been a lot of talk
about concussion is sports recently.
We talk of 'seeing stars'
when we get a knock
on the head and feel dizzy;
it makes us feel
knocked off balance
and disorientated.

Perhaps this is how
the wise men felt;
they were used to controlling
what they saw and felt -
the stars were a source of wisdom,
guiding them by well-known rules.

Yet suddenly there was
a star that didn't behave
in the normal way;
and an experience that
confounded all their expectations.

A mysterious, all-powerful God
is born in poverty,
far from royal palaces
and corridors of power.

They took with them treasures,
symbols of wealth and status,
knowledge and wisdom,
life and death.

Yet they lay them at the feet
of a new-born baby,
born of a humble mother,
watched over by a carpenter.
Nothing was predictable.

What these wise men met in
Bethlehem, was the God of surprises,
the wild and unpredictable God
who can never be controlled.

This is the God who calls us
to go home 'by another way.'

Maybe we are contented with
our day to day lives.
Very few people really like surprises;
we may be comfortable
and complacent,
hanging on to our safety nets.

But here is God calling us
out of ourselves -
to leave our comfort zone
and step out in faith.

During his ministry Jesus
called many people to
step off the familiar path.

He called Jews and gentiles,
priests and prostitutes,
Levites and lepers to become
members of one family,
the family of God,
united in love and service
of one another.

This is what it means to accept
him into our lives and become
children of God.

We come home to God
by God's path, not our own.
We journey on that path
by faith and trust,
with open hearts and minds.

What is the star by which
we have navigated
our life's journey?
What things do we rely on
to keep us safe and secure?

Perhaps the events of this year
have made us hold even tighter
to our securities -
it's been a hazardous year
with danger all around us and,
at the moment,
it isn't getting any better.

But perhaps there's been
another call,
a still small voice inviting
us to live another way,
with other choices and
different relationships.

Let us take time to reflect on
what is important in our lives;
to discover what are our
treasures really are;
and listen for that voice
now calling us out of
ourselves and into his service.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'The wise may
bring their learning' (McIver)
Westminster Presbyterian
church, link shown below.

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