for a
better year


Thursday Reflection


7th January 2021


'The enemy's tactics
  have not changed!'

There were no blacksmiths
in the land of Israel
in those days.
The Philistines wouldn't
allow them for fear they
would make swords
and spears for the Hebrews.

....1 Sam 13:19

I recently came across this
passage above, from the Bible,
that got me thinking.

For much of the Old Testament,
the Philistines were the
Israelites' long-standing enemy.
They did everything in
their power to ensure the
Israelites had a limited
arsenal of defence.

How did they do that?
They cut off the Israelite's
defence system at its root
by making sure the Israelites
had no blacksmiths
to provide weaponry.

No weapons meant no proper way
to defend themselves.
For decades this put the
Israelites at a great
they were constantly
subject to neighbouring bullies.

The enemy's tactics
have not changed!

The Bible is our sword.

Hebrews 4:12 a tells us;

'For the Word of God
is alive and active.
Sharper than any
double-edged sword,
it penetrates even to
dividing soul and spirit,
joints and marrow;
it judges the thoughts
and attitudes of the heart.'

There is power in the Bible;
and the Bible has never
been more accessible;
unfortunately, so are
a million other things,
and those things fight hard
for our attention .....
and usually win.

You see it doesn't matter
how many Bibles we have
in our houses;
if we've downloaded one
on our laptop,
phone or tablet;
the Word cannot be
effective if we don't use it!

Statistics indicate that
individual Bible reading
has taken a strong hit
during this Covid pandemic.

We may be spending more time
at home but we are spending
less time reading God's Word.

I know it's not easy trying
to come to terms with the
new patterns of life
with less outlets for relief,
but if there ever were a time
when we need to be
soaking up God's Word,
it's now!

Opening up our Bibles
(or Bible apps)
and reading his Word;
taking in the God-breathed Word,
will do what it says it will do -
cut between our souls and spirit,
exposing our innermost thoughts.

The Bible is so multifaceted.
It isn't just sharp and convicting;
the psalmist tells us
God's Word is also a

'lamp to guide my feet
 and a light for my path.'

Psalm 119:11

No book can transform
our lives like the Bible can.

God's living,
active Word must get inside us;
only then will we have
what it takes to deal with
any and every situation
that comes our way.

The enemy took away
the Israelites' swords;
let's not let the pressures
of our lives take away ours.

Let us go forward into
this new year with our
hand in God's and
His Word lighting our path.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Thy Word'. by Amy Grant
via the link shown below.