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Monday Reflection


11th January 2021


'that makes us believe'

'A wife of noble character
 who can find?
 She is worth far more
 than rubies.'

....Proverbs 31:10

Do you remember as a child,
having a measuring chart on your wall
(my children's had a picture
of a giraffe on it)
and year after year you would
scoot your heels against
the wall and stand tall,
waiting anxiously to see
how much you had grown?

As an only child I had no one to
compare with but my children
had great fun seeing who
had grown the most.

We all have a tool by which
we measure ourselves -
that one person or thing
that makes us believe
what we've done,
how we look or how we live
is a success or failure.

But today's key verse
shows us another place
to find our value.

Proverbs 31 introduces us to
a woman who is confident
in the future.
The very first verse
begins with 'value'.

Can you cast your mind back to
school maths lessons?
Now I struggled with maths
but this I could do;
do you remember the 'greater than'
and 'less than' symbols (>and<)?

They are used for comparing
numbers and expressions.
They show when something
is greater than or less than
something else.

For example, 5 is more than 3
and 2 is less than 10
so we would write
5>3 and 2<10.
Simple really,
even I could do that!

Proverbs 31:10 also
makes a comparison:

A wife of noble character
who can find?
She is worth far
more than rubies.

Do you see the comparison?
Based on our maths lesson,
it's saying her worth > rubies.

Actually, it says that her worth
is far more than rubies,
but I don't think
there is a sign for that.

While this comparison may have
been shaped by a father seeking
to guide his son,
the life of Jesus answers
any questions we might have
concerning our value to God.

By faith in Jesus,
God extends to us the right
to freely receive his grace
and become co-heirs to his Kingdom.

7 so that,
  having been justified by his grace,
  we might become heirs
  having the hope
  of eternal life.

....Titus 3:7

Because of Christ, our value
does not have to be defined
by our place on the corporate ladder,
the number of 'likes'
on our social media posts
or the cleanliness
of our kitchen tops
or floors (thank goodness!).

When we look around at anyone
or anything else to determine
whether we measure up,
we will become exhausted
and confused -
constantly adjusting
our efforts to match
what we see around us
and hoping we don't take
the wrong turn that
proves disastrous.

But when we truly believe
that Jesus has defeated
death and sin once for all,
we can trade the chains of
performance-based acceptance
for the free gift of
God's grace -
and facing the future
with confidence.

For it is by grace
you have been saved,
through faith - and this
is not from yourselves,
it is the gift of God -
not by works,
so that no one can boast.

... Ephesians 2:8-9 NIV

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Only by grace'
sung by Gerrit Gustafson
via the link shown below.