when we pray


Wednesday Reflection


13th January 2021

we can rely on his love

14 And we are confident
   that he hears us
   whenever we ask for anything
   that pleases him.
15 And since we know he hears us
   when we make our requests,
   we also know that he will
   give us what we ask for.

..... 1 John 5:14-15. NLT

Do we believe that
God really loves us?
Can we rely on his love?
Sometimes we doubt,
don't we, it's natural -
but of course we can
rely on his love;
the Bible tells us this
again and again.

In John's first letter he says;

'We have come to know
 and have believed the love
 which God has for us.'

.... (4:16)

He loved humankind
when he created us
and has loved us ever since,
even in our sin and disobedience.
He cannot do anything else,
for he IS love.

If we believe in Jesus,
we must believe that God
loves us so much,
he saved us from sin and death.

And if we have utter confidence
in God's love,
we can ask anything
of him according
to his will.
Jesus said;

'If you had faith
 like a grain of mustard seed,
 you could say to this mulberry tree;
'Be uprooted and planted
 in the sea,'
 and it would obey you.'

.... (Luke 17:6).

So be bold in prayer!
There is no reason to limit
our words with God.
He knows what is in our
hearts anyway -
and that's what prayer
is all about.

Not making God listen to us,
but admitting to him
and to ourselves
what is in our hearts.
It is not God who
changes but ourselves.

If we are bold in prayer,
and have learned to submit
our will to his,
he will answer our prayers.

We can change the world by prayer,
if we have faith
and have changed our hearts
to match to his will.

When John Wesley was
sailing to America,
the wind shifted direction
so as to knock them off course.

He heard the commotion among
the sailors from his cabin
and went to investigate.

His response when he found out
they were being diverted
from their course showed
boldness that few of us
would dare to imitate.
He knelt and prayed;

'Almighty and everlasting God,
Thou hast sway everywhere,
and all things serve
the purpose of Thy will,
Thou holdest the winds
in Thy fists and sittest
upon the water floods,
and reignest as King forever.
Command these winds
and these waves that
they obey Thee,
and take us speedily
and safely to the
haven whither we would go.'

He then calmly rose
from his knees,
returned to his cabin
and resumed reading a book.

One of his fellow passengers
(who wrote down
the prayer above)
was amazed to find that,
when he went on deck,
the wind had calmed down
and the ship had returned
to its intended course.

Wesley never mentioned
the incident,
he was so convicted of
God's love that he found
such an answer to his prayer
quite unremarkable.

Maybe God will not,
in his infinite wisdom,
answer our prayer;
he knows best and
will do what's best;
maybe we are praying
unknowingly against his will.
But fear of rejection
is no reason not to pray boldly
and with confidence.

God hears our prayers
and will act in the world
in response to them.
Let us pray boldly.
We worship in reverence
and humility;
but we pray with confidence

37 No, in all these things
   we are more than conquerors
   through him who loved us.

....Romans 8:37. NIV

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'The Goodness of God'
sung by
Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson
via the link shown below.