the faithfulness
of God


Saturday Reflection


16th January 2021

there have been some good things

  He took some bread
  and gave thanks to God for it.
  Then he broke it in pieces
  and gave it to the disciples,
"This is my body,
  which is given for you.
  Do this in remembrance of me."

.....Luke 22:19

Are you forgetful?
I know I am; I forget names,
I will recognise a face
but am not able
to put a name to them;
very embarrassing sometimes.
And I'm always losing my mobile,
I rarely remember where
I last had it.

The struggle is real,
and not just with
everyday things but sometimes
it happens with big things too.

I know I should
write things down
but tend to forget!

This last year many will
want to forget;
it has been hard and challenging;
many will have lost loved ones.
But there have been
some good things too.

For me the highlight
of the year was a 5 day trip
to Scotland, with my son,
before the lock-down set in.

But have you noticed it's easy
to remember the difficult,
challenging things
but harder to remember
the good things?

Forgetting has been an issue that
has been around as long as
there has been humans on the earth.

Thankfully God instituted
various guidelines to help
people remember.
Jesus at the last supper
with his friends,
took bread and wine
and gave it to them saying,
'Do this in remembrance of me.'

In the Old testament
one of the most common ways
to remember was to build an altar.

7 Then the Lord appeared to
   Abram and said,
  "I will give this land
   to your descendants."
   And Abram built an altar there
   and dedicated it to the Lord,
   who had appeared to him.

..... Genesis 12:7

'After that Abram travelled
 south and set up camp
 in the hill country,
 there he built another altar
 and dedicated to the Lord,
 and he worshipped the Lord.'

.....Genesis 12:8

We continue to see
the practice with other
characters in the Bible.
Over and over again,
God reminds his people
to remember because
he knows our natural
tendency to forget.

How can we do this
in today's world?
Building an altar
can't look like it did
in Genesis.

In would probably break
our building laws
and regulations.

I came upon an article
yesterday which advocated
an ideal way to get round
the problem;
and inspired this reflection;

an altar jar.

At the start of every new year
(I know it's a bit late
but it's possible to start
at any time),
get an empty jar,
as you experience moments
of God's blessings,
write then down
and put them in the jar.

You can do this
at the end of the day,
once a week or
whenever something good happens;
write down the big things,
moments we often
take for granted
or things we are celebrating.

The fact that we will remember
the year more accurately
is pretty awesome on its own;
but there's more.
Every time you write
something down,
it's an opportunity for
worship and say thank you to God.

In addition to that,
every time someone sees our jars,
it becomes a conversation starter.
God's commanded Abram's
descendants, the Israelites,
to recount his faithfulness
in their lives.

14 "And in the future,
    your children will ask you,
   'What does all this mean?'
    Then you will tell them,
   'With the power of his mighty hand,
    the Lord brought us out of Egypt,
    the place of our slavery.'

....Exodus 13:14

Let us step into 2021
with faith and expectancy.
At the end of this year,
I believe our altar jars
will be full ...
and so will our hearts.

I'm off to find one
of my empty candle jars!

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