where are you?


Monday Reflection


18th January 2021

a situation so terrifying

47 Later that night,
   the boat was in the
   middle of the lake,
   and he was alone on land.
48 He saw the disciples straining
   at the oars,
   because the wind was
   against them.

....Mark 6:47-48. NIV

Have you ever been in a
situation so terrifying,
felt so helpless and
out of control, that you've
found yourself asking,
'Jesus, where are you?'

I certainly have, many times.
Sometimes life gets
overwhelmingly hard or
confusing and it can feel
as though Jesus has gone missing.

I'm sure that's how the disciples
felt in that incident that
happened just after the feeding
of the five thousand.

They got in a boat and quickly
found themselves in rough water,
tossed by strong winds.
They strained at the oars
as the realities of life
beat against them.

The storm was terrifying for them;
the waves weren't just ebbing,
cresting and crashing
like never before;
think what it looks like when
you put a straw in a glass
of water and blow hard.

That would be what the sea all
around them looked like.
They were completely
helpless and terrified.
So would I have been,
I do not like storms!

Sometimes it's hard not to be
completely consumed by fear
in the midst of situation
we didn't see coming.
Especially when we feel we have
lost control.

And there seems to be no good
outcome in sight.

But how thankful I am that even
when our storms of life threaten
to overwhelm us and cause us
to lose sight of hope,
Jesus never loses sight of us.

While the disciples were
in the boat struggling,
Jesus was on the
mountainside praying.

From Mount Arbel(a),
Jesus could see the middle
of the lake where the
disciples were.

47 Later that night,
   the boat was in the middle
   of the lake,
   and he was alone on land.
48 He saw the disciples
   straining at the oars,
   because the wind
   was against them.

....Mark 6:47-48a.

Jesus saw them and
went down to them;
and they almost missed
the miracles in the midst
of all the chaos.

The same miracle worker
who multiplied the loaves
and fishes was now walking
on water near them,
and they thought he was a ghost.

They were terrified and amazed,
but they didn't understand
for the Scriptures say,
'their hearts were hardened.'
Mark 6 52b

Jesus' response to the disciples
who missed him and cried out,
in fear not faith,
is so reassuring.

He did not chastise them
or get angry; the scriptures say,
(I love that it was immediately)
he spoke to them and said,
"Do not be afraid."' Mark 6:50b
and he climbed into
the boat with them.

He says the same thing to us;
he's not running from our messes;
he's climbing right in
there with us;
and with his presence
comes peace.

He wants us to see him
and know him;
truths we discover not just
in this passage but
throughout Scripture.

The same God who willingly
revealed himself to Moses
(Exodus 33:19) and
Elijah (1 Kings 19:11-13)
as he passed by them
wants to reveal the fullness
of his peace and the
power of his presence
to us as well.

In the midst of whatever hurts
and heartbreaks that are
disrupting our peace
he will be beside us.

We no longer have to cry out in fear;
we can call out in faith;
calm and trusting because
we know he is with us.

We know he is for us and
he is in control. He says:

So do not fear,
for I am with you;
do not be dismayed,
for I am your God.
I will strengthen you
and help you;
I will uphold you
with my righteous
right hand.

....Isaiah 41:10

Whatever we are going
through today let's take this promise to heart.

Mount Arbel is one of those places
never mentioned in the Bible.
Its presence was so obvious,
it was assumed.
Certainly, anyone traveling
around the Sea of Galilee
or along the International Highway
would have used Arbel
as a landmark,
identifiable from most
any spot on the lake.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Do not be afraid'
Lyrics Video - Divine Hymns
via the link shown below.