Just a little sin


Thursday Reflection


21st January 2021

seemingly insignificant

17c So Joseph went after his brothers
   and found them near Dothan.
18 But they saw him in the distance,
   and before he reached them,
   they plotted to kill him.

....Genesis 37.17-18

Today there will be a moment;
no one will record it;
it probably won't linger
in our thoughts when
we go to sleep tonight;
but it will come and
slip by seemingly unnoticed.

But it's effects will linger,
they will stay and if fostered,
they will grow into
larger-than-life proportions.

This moment slips
into our hearts
and pulls our focus
from right to wrong,
just by the smallest amount;
but a slight and seemingly
insignificant amount of skewed
thought takes root; and grows.
What is this distortion?
The thought that 'this anger/
I'm feeling is ok,
justifiable, natural.'

Which brings us to one of my
favourite stories in the Bible.
The story of Moses confronting Pharaoh,
pleading for him to let
the Israelites leave Egypt.

There's an astonishing chain
of events that led up to God
having to deliver his people
from Pharaoh's domination.

How did it all start?
Why was the entire nation of
Israelites - all twelve tribes -
enslaved in Egypt?

If we trace the story back to
the beginning it all
started with a seemly
insignificant moment.

The course of history was
changed because a few family
members became angry and jealous
of their brother Joseph.

Bitterness slipped in,
and eventually that
bitterness turned to hatred.

Our key verse reveals the
moment the seed of bitterness
and anger magnified into a
full-blow murderous plot.

While they didn't kill Joseph,
they did sell him into slavery.

Years went by,
Years of heartbreak and
confusion followed.

Eventually Joseph ended up in a
position of great power in
Egypt and had the authority
to provide for his family
so they all moved to Egypt.

Joseph and his 11 brothers
became the 12 tribes of Israel
and, as these tribes grew in size,
they became the nation of Israel.

What the brothers meant for evil,
God used for good.
He saved the Israelites
from the famine.

But there were lasting effects
of the brothers' choices
that came years later.

After Joseph died a new king,
who knew nothing of Joseph,
came to power.
He saw the great Israelite
nation in his land
and was afraid.

So he put them into slavery;
the entire nation suffered
oppression and slavery
for centuries. Why?

Because a few brothers
got a little jealous;
and allowed anger and
bitterness to creep in.

We can never assume our
moments don't matter;
every decision we make matters.
There's a domino effect to it all,
and it reaches far beyond
what we can ever imagine.

Moments matter and future
generations will be impacted
by our choices today.

Let's watch for that moment today
and when we recognise it,
cast it aside replacing it
with God's spirit of love instead.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I need thee every hour'
sung by
Salt of the Sound
via the link shown below.