Wedding Supper
of the


Saturday Reflection


23rd January 2021

over-the-top imagery...

7 Let us rejoice and be glad
  and give him glory!
  For the wedding of
  the Lamb has come

....Revelation 19:7

8 She has been given
  clean shining linen to wear

....Revelation 19:8

Tomorrow's Epistle reading comes
from the book of Revelation.

The purpose of apocalyptic writing
is to use over-the-top imagery
to impress great truths
on our minds,
truths far beyond the power
of ordinary words.

First, however, we must open
our hearts to it.
We must let this amazing
imagery lift us beyond
our doubts and
beyond life's confusion.

The world presents evil as
fascinating and
goodness as dull.

The truth is the other way round.
Evil stresses conformity
and erases character
and individuality.

Simone Weil
(twentieth century French
philosopher, mystic, and
political activist) wrote,
'Nothing is so beautiful
and wonderful,
nothing is so continually
fresh and surprising,
so full of sweet and
perpetual ecstasy
as the good.

No desert is so dreary,
monotonous and boring as evil.'

This chapter of Revelation
allows us to say, 'At last!'
human history has reached
the end of the line.
As the smoke rises from fallen Babylon,
the cry of triumph grows and
echoes all around as the cry
'Hallelujah' ('Praise the Lord')
is repeated.

Here is the source of Handel's
Hallelujah chorus.
All that is wrong with our world,
including the world itself,
is about to be put right.
Four times we hear the word
'Hallelujah' as salvation and
judgement are intertwined.

Salvation, glory and power
belong to God;
his judgements are true and just.

God has judged Babylon for its sins
and delivered his people
from persecution.
Salvation has come
to deal with sin,
to overcome it and to
destroy all evil.

The moral law can no more
be broken than the law of gravity.

As images tumble over images,
let us dream John's dream.
We see the mysterious inhabitants
of heaven worshipping God.

We hear the voice reverberating
through heaven, calling all of us
who fear God (v 5),
we who belong to and serve him,
to join in his praise.

Again we hear the deafening roar
of the unnumbered crowds,
like the rush of water,
like unending thunder.
In that immense ocean of sound,
do we hear our own voices?
Christ knows our hearts and minds;
he judges without bias or prejudice;
he is good enough to give
a perfect verdict and wise
enough to apply it appropriately.

The evil empire has gone.
The shadow has lifted and now
we can look forward to the
marriage supper of the Lamb
and his church.

This is the great feast in heaven
to which all of us are invited
(Matthew 22:1-14),
the wedding feast of the Lamb,
of Jesus united permanently
with his people.

We must be there!
But we cannot come
by our own merits.
God calls us,
the poor, and the maimed,
and the halt, and the blind'
(Luke 14:21, KJV)
to come to his feast.

To come reclothed and renewed,
made whole again through
the shed blood of Jesus.

Jesus and meals so often
went hand in hand in the Gospels
and that continues now.
Invitations are being prepared
and sent out -
it is time to get ready.

This is truly the best, the only,
event that matters!
No wonder worship and praise
flow spontaneously from
all sides; and we are always
given reasons to praise God.

For what do we praise him today?

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Hallelujah Amen'
sung by
Vertical Worship - ft.
Jon Guerra
via the link shown below.