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Friday Reflection


29th January 2021

meaning all

You have searched me, Lord,
and you know me.
4 Before a word is on
my tongue you, Lord,
know it completely.

....Psalm 139: vs 1,4

God knows everything.
Theologians refer to his 'omniscience' -
'omni' meaning all, 'science' meaning
knowing about the universe.

It's not easy to grasp this;
as large as the universe is -
and it's enormous! -
God knows everything.

He numbers the hairs on our head,
Jesus tells us (Matthew 10:30);
he counts every sparrow
that dies (Matthew 10:29).
There is no question he cannot answer,
no problem so great
that he cannot solve it.
He never gets confused
and cannot be surprised.

Some people find this unsettling,
but most Christians find great
comfort to know there is someone
who knows what's going on
and has every situation in hand.

Psalm 139, my favourite of all the Psalms,
focuses on this aspect of God,
especially how well he knows
each one of us.
He knows what we are going to say
before we even open our mouths (v4).

I have often wished he would intervene
before I say something stupid,
perhaps stick a plaster over my lips
since he knows that I am going to
end up regretting what I say.

But what happens to us if we really
absorb the idea that God knows
whatever we do?

Does anyone play Solitaire on
their computer at work
if the boss is watching?
Would we keep on speeding
when we know there is a
speed camera up ahead?

God's omniscience,
if we really take it to heart,
can help us tremendously
when we face temptation.
If we do not know what to do
in a certain situation,
maybe the realisation that
God is with us, watching us
and rooting for us,
will help us decide to go
for the right choice.

Or what if we know the right thing
to do but powerful temptations
are facing us?

Thinking that God is watching
might be painful to us
in the short term,
but a big help in the long run;
for sin hurts us no matter
how good it feels at the time
or how strong the compulsion
that leads us astray.

But let's not think of God
as a harsh judge, watching,
waiting to pounce at our
slightest offence.
God is a gracious,
loving and compassionate Father;
he knows our weaknesses
and loves us just the same;
wanting only the best for his children.

Jesus knew what it was like
to be tempted but did not submit;
turning to the Scriptures
and prayer to stay strong
and focussed.

Let us follow his example
when temptation comes
and turn to the one
who will never fail us.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Love Beyond Measure, Mercy So Free'
sung by Divine Hymns
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