with Jesus


Wednesday Reflection


3rd February 2021

we have seen it
and testify to it

1 That which was from the beginning,
  which we have heard,
  which we have seen with our eyes,
  which we have looked at
  and our hands have touched -
  this we proclaim concerning
  the Word of life.
2 The life appeared;
  we have seen it and testify to it,
  and we proclaim to you
  the eternal life,
  which was with the Father
  and has appeared to us.
3 We proclaim to you
  what we have seen and heard,
  so that you also may have
  fellowship with us.
  And our fellowship is with
  the Father and with his Son,
  Jesus Christ.

.....1 John 1:1-3

It's hard not to envy John
as we read these words.
He begins this letter by
identifying himself as one
who had experienced an
intimate relationship
with Jesus.

How wonderful to think about
what it must have been like
to hear, see, and touch the one
who has always been.

If we use our imaginations,
we can perhaps obtain a small
glimpse of what John was able
to see first-hand so many years ago.

But we know that seeing Jesus
with our eyes is not what
we need the most,
even though it would make us
feel good on an emotional level.

What is most important
is that we recognize Jesus,
as John describes Him,
as "the Word of life".
This is the same way
John started out his
Gospel account;

"In the beginning was the Word,
 and the Word was with God,
 and the Word was God."

....John 1:1.

This 'Word' John speaks of
is the eternal, infallible,
sinless, crucified, risen,
and returning Son
of the living God.

And the great news is that today,
even as we read these words,
The Word wants nothing more
than for us to grow in
relationship with Him.
Are we ready?

How can we begin to know Jesus
again on a personal level?

We can spend time in the Word!
Starting right now,
opening our Bible and beginning
reading one of the Gospels
and discover all over again
why we are in love with Jesus.

Don't stop to take notes!
Just read it and take the time
to ponder how great Jesus is.

We can start praying!
Jesus wants to hear our
voice right now;
we don't have to come up
with something flowery or
something that sounds like
an institutional prayer.

Just laying our heart out to
Jesus, as we once did, letting
Him know our fears,
our doubts, our frustrations.

We can begin building our faith;
remembering all the ways that
God has worked in our lives
in the past;
pondering all the times
we've seen Him work in
the lives of others;
looking up into the sky and
fathoming the wonderful
universe that He has created.

What brought us to faith
in the first place?
Let us reflect on that
and begin to focus on it
all over again.

We can recharge our batteries!
It's hard with all the
pressures on our lives;
it can be exhausting!
We have to take time off
for ourselves -
finding some 'me' time;
reading a book, allowing ourselves a
break from the stress of everyday life.

Let us reignite our passion!
We know deep down that without
an intimate relationship with Jesus,
our lives are just going to
keep getting worse.
Depression, burnout,
marital problems, and much more,
often take place when we lose
our passion for Jesus.

All of what has been stated above
will help us to get our passion back,
but there is one more thing
that will help -
surrendering our lives to Him
all over again.
When we recommit,
we refocus,
and when we refocus,
our passion will return.

How well do we know Jesus?
Let's make an effort,
as we look forward to Easter,
to know Him better than
we ever have before!

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Open Our Eyes Lord
We Want To See Jesus.
(with lyrics)'
sung by Divine Hymns. [with lyrics]
via the link shown below.