Finding the Words


Thursday Reflection


4th February 2021

stumped for words when you pray?

"So then,
  since we have a great High Priest
  who has entered heaven,
  Jesus the Son of God,
  let us hold firmly to what
  we believe."

.....Hebrews 4:14. NLT

Have you ever been stumped
for words when you pray?

I know I have, frequently!
We want to pray but the words
just won't come.
We might think up
some old prayer
that we know by memory
and say that;
or we stumble around,
trying not to feel frustrated.

These things happen to everyone
who tries to pray from the heart.

God loves it when we pray
from our hearts.
He loves us when we
open ourselves
to him with our deepest and
most unguarded thoughts
and feelings;
he notices and responds to us.

But if we aren't even making sense
to ourselves,
how can we make sense to him?
The Bible quote above is taken
from the letter to the Hebrews,
written to explain to them
about Jesus.

Judaism had priests,
from the tribe of Levi,
who would offer prayers and
sacrifices on behalf
of the people.
So the Jews asked,
'If we accept Jesus,
who will our priests be?'

The answer is that Jesus
is our great high priest.

We do not have to say a word
because he knows exactly
what to pray.
The Holy spirit in us knows
all about us.
They know what is going on
in our hearts;
our feelings,
our longings,
our fears.

Yes, we all need help.
Yes, none of us deserves
the help we need;
but 'No' to despair.
God says because we have
a great High Priest,
the throne of God
is a throne of grace.

And the help we get at that
throne is mercy and grace
to help in time of need;
not deserved help,
but gracious help.

This is the whole point
of the Old and New Testaments.
God planned for a High Priest,
a Saviour, a Redeemer,
a gracious Helper.

God will use the grace he gave us
when we were reborn in Christ
to help us transmit our prayers.
So, if we are ever at a loss
for words,
as happens quite frequently,
we can concentrate on our prayer
and not worry about the words.

God would rather have our
hearts than our speech.

7 And when you pray,
  do not keep on babbling
  like pagans,
  for they think they will be
  heard because of their
  many words.'

.....Matthew 6:7

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Make my life a prayer to you.'
sung by Keith Green
via the link shown below.