The Word
became flesh


Sunday Reflection


7th February 2021

the central Christian belief

1 In the beginning was the Word,
  and the Word was with God,
  and the Word was God.
2 He was with God in the beginning.
3 Through him all things were made;
  without him nothing was made
  that has been made.
4 In him was life,
  and that life was the light
  of all mankind.
5 The light shines in the darkness,
  and the darkness has not overcome it.

....John 1:1-5

This Sunday lectionary readings focus
on the central Christian belief
that God does all things out of love
towards his creation.

Our Gospel reading expresses
the great mystery which is at the
heart of our faith:
that God became human.

Things are no longer as they were
at the beginning, unspoiled,
but the Gospel message is that even
in our battered world the light of life
and beauty still shines -
the darkness has not overcome it.

God still delights in the human race,
in each one of us.

And it's in the nature of our
loving God to want to enjoy
fellowship with us,
to want the very best for us.

So, he came to live among us,
to draw us to himself in Jesus.
In Jesus we see what God is like
in human form -
concerned about people's lives
and welfare;
willing to forgive and heal;
always ready to offer a new start
with new possibilities opening
before us, as it was
in the beginning.

And if God delights in us then
surely it matters to him
how we respond.

Cardinal Basil Hume says,
in his book
"Mystery of the Incarnation",
that we mustn't worry about
whether or not we
have love for God.

We just need to remember
the simple truth that God
loves each of us.
It's an amazing thought -
that each of us can say
"God loves me"
"God delights in me".

When we find out that
someone loves us,
with that unconditional love,
how can we not respond.
It's a mustard seed of faith
which will grow and begin
to change us and our lives.

It's not something that can
happen overnight.
We'll probably each of us spend
our whole life receiving
God's invitations and we'll
probably miss a few because
we can't or won't watch
and listen.

Or maybe we'll recognise
the invitations but are afraid
of saying "yes",
because that would mean having
to change and grow and change
and growth are very often
uncomfortable or downright painful.

But we are not alone;
Jesus, the
Word and Wisdom of God
made flesh, is with us.
He is our light
and his life is the life
that will never die.

No darkness in our lives can
overcome that light but
sometimes it does seem as if
the darkness is all there is
and that's when we need
each other.

Our own light may go out
for a while leaving us lost
in the darkness.
But being part of the
body of Christ
means that someone else nearby
is carrying a light
and can hold that up for us
until our darkness passes.

Then it may be our turn
to hold the Christ light
for someone else.

There is darkness around us:
in the damage we have done
to our world;
in the tragedies and disasters
we hear about daily;
in this current pandemic;
in our own lives
and in the lives of others.

But in that darkness,
a light shines,
and refuses to be overcome.
A light which offers us new hope,
new strength, new courage
and new starts.

God delights in us:
there is no darkness
that can overcome that light.

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