Tuesday Reflection


9th February 2021


How much better to get wisdom
than gold,
to choose understanding
rather than silver!

....Proverbs 16:16

How often have we heard someone say;
'If only I could win the lottery
then I could...'.
They are thinking that their lives
would become so much easier,
better and more fun
because of the windfall.

There was a survey of early Lottery
winners some time ago.
It was found that most winners
had spent all their money,
or were worse off than before
their win, unhappy,
divorced and generally
dissatisfied with their lives.

But there was one Christian couple
who had given much of the money
they'd won to charity,
then realised a long-held dream
and bought a small hotel by the coast.

They were working 15/16hr days
caring for their visitors and,
when interviewed, said that
they had never been happier.

Compare this couple to Solomon,
the tenth son of David and
the third king of Israel,
who reigned for forty years.
He built the temple on Jerusalem.
He was a prolific writer,
the author of Ecclesiastes and
Song of Songs as well of many
of the Proverbs and a
couple of Psalms.
But how did Solomon acquire wisdom?

In a dream God appeared to him
and asked, 'What do you want?
Ask and I will give it to you.'
Solomon asked God to give him wisdom
so that he could 'govern'
his people well, and to
'know the difference
between right and wrong'

Solomon's answer pleased God
and he granted him wisdom,
telling him,

'No other king in all the world
 will be compared to you for
 the rest of your life.'

God also gave him what
he did not ask for;
riches and honour.

Unfortunately, Solomon failed to
apply wisdom in all areas
of his life;
he failed to obey God
and he made many unwise decisions.

Alexander Whyte (1836-1921),
the Scottish preacher
with a passion for the lost,
who was known as the greatest
preacher of his day, stated;

`The shipwreck of Solomon
 is surely the most terrible
 tragedy in all the world.
 For if ever there was a shining
 type of Christ in the
 Old Testament church,
 it was Solomon...but
 everyday sensuality made him,
 in the end, a castaway.'

Compare the hotel owner's
wisdom to Solomon's.
They were both wealthy;
but there was a remarkable
which was the way they put
their wisdom into practice.

The hotel owners built a life
doing what they'd always
wanted to do; looking after others.
Solomon on the other hand,
lived for himself,
he allowed his wealth and power
to cloud his wisdom,
and he began to ignore God
(although it is possible
that in later life he repented).

True wisdom comes from God,
it is found by prayer,
reading the Bible and listening.

It takes effort to find,
develop and use, as it isn't a
one-off gift but a constant process.

If we trust in God,
and follow his teaching,
he will make us truly wise.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'The perfect wisdom of our God'
(with lyrics)'
sung by Keith and Kristen Getty
via the link shown below.