Praying with confidence


Wednesday Reflection


10th February 2021

according to his will

"This is the confidence we have
  in approaching God:
  that if we ask anything
  according to his will,
  he hears us."

.....1 John 5:14, NIV:

When we have faith in Jesus,
we have access to
the very presence of God.

As we confidently enter
God's presence,
we can draw near to Him
with full assurance and a
clear conscience.

We can pray with the confidence
that God hears us and
has an answer for us.
However, we must remember that
the key to praying with
confidence is to ask
according to His will.

We find the will of God
in the Word of God.

One of the most difficult lessons
to learn in being a Christian
is the difference between
boldness and confidence
on one hand,
and arrogance or boasting
on the other.

We have faith in God,
or we have nothing.

And, if we have faith,
it means we are convinced
in God's Word;
and he tells us
how to pray -
with confidence!

God himself told us that,
number one,
he will listen
to our prayers and,

number two,
that he wants to hear them.

He wants us to pour out
our hearts to him.
With reverence and respect
of course, for we are
worshipping our Lord.

God wants us to praise him
and serve him.
Whatever our needs,
he wants us to come to him,
share it with him,
pray to him about it.

Let us then with confidence
draw near to the throne of grace,
that we may receive mercy
and find grace to help
in time of need.

.....Hebrews. 4:16

We need to have a confidence
in prayer that reflects
our faith in God.
If we ask for something
in our prayers and -
this is the big 'and' -
it is good for us,
good for others,
or good for the world,
God will grant our requests.

We must never forget
when we are praying,
how much God loves us;
he would die for us -
wait a minute -

he did die for us.

So when we pray we must
pray with boldness
and confidence;
not brashness or arrogance,
but confidence that
God loves us,
is listening and wants
to hear our prayers;
and boldness.

Not the kind of arrogance
that we are going to tell
God what to do,
but rather a lack of shyness
about praying to him
as he has asked us to pray;
not withholding anything
because we don't want to
talk to God about it.

In his letter to the
Philippians Paul wrote;

Do not be anxious
about anything,
but in everything by prayer
and supplication with
thanksgiving let your
requests be made
known to God.


It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Our Father '
sung by Don Moen Live Worship Sessions
via the link shown below.