Thursday Reflection


11th February 2021

who did not realize how close...

"For though a righteous man falls
  seven times, he rises again"

.....Proverbs 24:16

Someone once said,
"Falling down doesn't make you
a failure,
but failing to get up does."

Many of inventor Thomas Edison's
quotes have found their way into print
and into motivational speeches
delivered by speakers everywhere.
One of my favourites is:

"Many of life's failures are
  people who did not realize
  how close they were, to
  success, when they gave up."

Thomas Edison was a man who
saw many of his experiments fail,
but he continued doing them anyway.
He knew that it was better
to get up than to give up.

He was committed to excellence.
In his search for a filament
for incandescent light bulbs,
he experimented with hundreds
of fibres and metals.

In 1879, he discovered a method
for making an inexpensive filament
that would handle the stress of
an electric current.

Today we call his discovery
carbonized cotton fibre-thread!
However, the filament was so fragile
that it easily broke in
an open-air environment.

Almost by accident,
he tried inserting the filament
within an oxygen-free tube.
To his surprise, the filament glowed!

It didn't burn long,
but it burned.

Eventually he and his helpers
discovered the secret was in
creating a vacuum within
the glass bulb - and
using a tungsten filament.

In the life of the Christian,
we face many trips, tumbles,
errors and failures.

The voice that visits us in
those moments is not the
voice of the Father,
but of the adversary.
He doesn't say, 'Nice try.'
He shouts,

He asserts,
'You can't live this Christian life,'
'You were better off before you
started on this ill-fated journey,'
'Stay down. You won't be missed,'
'You deserve better than this.'

"It's the Other Voice
we need to hear.

That Voice says,
'Let Me help you with that.
I have been there before,
and I know you can make it.
My strength is sufficient
for you.
I will never will leave you
or forsake you.
Together we can become strong.
Take My hand.'

God wants to reward us for
our achievements,
not punish us for our falls.
He is committed to
being our Companion,
Counsellor, Advisor,
Helper and Friend."
It doesn't get any
better than that!

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Faithfull One So Unchanging'
(with lyrics)'
via the link shown below.