Seeing the
glory of God
in Jesus


Monday Reflection


15th February 2021

...a different perspective...

"...for he has shone
in our hearts to give
the light of the knowledge
of the glory of God
in the face of Jesus Christ."

....2 Corinthians 4:6

It could be said that faith
is about seeing things clearly,
as they really are,
behind the surface and in depth,
rather than simply accepting
a view of things as they might
first appear.

So many things can shroud
our true sight.
The eyes of faith can be
clouded and obscured
just as in our physical sight.

Seeing things clearly;
through eyes of faith
gives us a different perspective
on the world;
we may still have the same
sense of outrage at the suffering
we see, but we recognise
that, terrible though
such suffering is,
it does not have
the last word;
God in Jesus does.

The images in this second
letter of Paul's, to the
people of Corinth, carry
our thoughts through past,
present and future.

We hear echoes of Christmas,
  "Let light shine
   out of darkness"
and remember Jesus being
born as the Light of the World.

We hear of the
  "light of the knowledge of
   God's glory displayed
   in the face of Christ"
as we stand on the mountain top
alongside Peter,
James and John and witness
that glory shining
in Jesus' very being.

And with Paul we proclaim
Jesus as Lord and look forward
to celebrate his glorious
resurrection on Easter morning.

Between birth and resurrection,
is that which is lived for us
and for our salvation.

The glory of Jesus,
the image of God,
is revealed in a sacrificial
life of loving and giving,
not in a life of power
and control.

The glory of Jesus,
the image of God,
is revealed in vulnerability
in a world where many people
would rather walk in darkness
than face the light of truth.

We also are to share
Jesus' way of living.
We are called to love and
serve others so that our
lives will proclaim Jesus as Lord.

We too are vulnerable in a world
that has still not turned to
its true Light.

But in the darkness
we have a vision of glory
on a mountain top
when God tells us,

"This is my Son,
the Beloved"

and we can listen to him.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Open Our Eyes Lord We Want to See Jesus.'
(with lyrics)'
sung by Divine Hymns
via the link shown below.