Strengthening our faith

Friday Reflection

5 June 2020

Faith is like a muscle, if it isn't exercised it atrophies.

Romans 10:17 says,

'So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.'

To understand what the writer is saying we must recognise that faith
is put into our hearts when we believe and accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.
It is part of our spiritual DNA.
Faith is something we are given by God, but it is up to us to develop that faith.
How do we do that?
Well, the above verse says we develop it by listening to the word of God.
The Bible, God's Word, is the food;
as we feed on it our faith will be strengthen.
If you listen to a body builder, footballer, jockey
or any top athlete being interviewed about their training regime
one of the first thing they will mention is their diet.
You have to eat the right type of diet if you are to build muscle mass.
They faithfully drink their protein shakes and eat steak and salads
or tuna sandwiches, which, when they are consumed and digested,
become the raw materials that build muscle mass.

As we feed on and digest God's Word,
that truth becomes the raw material that will build faith.
It is faith food.
Most people who are struggling with their faith are feeding on the wrong things.
Faith comes subconsciously when we feed on God's Word.
While God's Word is of prime importance in strengthening our faith
there is more we need to do to see our faith grow.
We must use it.
Remember the old saying, 'Use it or lose it.'?

Paul writes, in his first letter to Timothy,

'Fight the good fight of faith.'

Faith does not grow without conflict; we need to use it.
To go back to our body builders, they will say that diet alone is not enough,
they have to exercise, to work their muscles if they want them to develop.
The same thing is true when it comes to faith.
It is not enough to spend time reading the Bible
or listening to Bible teaching all day long.
Hearing alone is not enough to develop our faith we need to use our faith muscle.

That is what the fight of faith is all about.
We are exercising our faith when we are standing in the midst of the storms of life
and we're assailed by every temptation
and trial that tells us we are not going to make it;
we are going under.
As we stand in the midst of the storm,
the wind howling about us, the lightening flashing
and the waves breaking over the bows of our little boat,
we need to stand up and say,
'I believe and trust in God,
I will be ok.
He is here with me and things will work out as he promises.'

That is where the fight of faith comes in;
and it really does work, at least it has for me
in various instances in my life.
There is nothing to compare to that warm,
comforting presence surrounding you,
like a blanket, when you are in despair.

No matter what we are going through today,
along with all the other muscles we will exercise as we walk,
run, do pilates or yoga,
or even clean the house, let us not forget that most important muscle,
that muscle of faith.
Let us strengthen it in the knowledge that we are God's children,
loved, treasured and never forsaken.