Friday Reflection


19th February 2021 important choice...

19b I have set before you,
    life and death,
    blessings and curses.
    Now choose life,
    so that you and your
    children may live
20 and that you may love
    the Lord your God,
    listen to his voice,
    and hold fast to him.

....Deuteronomy 30:19b-20a

We all have to make choices
throughout our lives.
In our Bible verse this morning
God is giving the Israelites
an important choice that will
affect their whole lives -
they have to make the decision -
to choose God or not.

Moses is God's representative,
who mediates and passes on
the word of God to the people.
Just before his death,
he summarises the whole of
God's plans for his people.

Basically, it doesn't matter
how far you've wandered
away from the truth,

3 'the Lord your God will
   restore your fortunes
   and have compassion on you
   and gather you again
   from all the nations
   where he scattered you.

...(Deut. 30:3)

If the people repent
and turn back to the Lord,
his compassion will always
be there for them.
But they must return fully,
with wholehearted commitment.

The message is a strong one;
and it's not just for the people
of Moses' day but for us, too.

Those who choose not to return
to the Lord are heading
for disaster; if they
choose to turn their
back on the Lord and
worship false gods and idols
(in today's terms such gods as
wealth, power, self-seeking pride)
they are set on a course for death -
in fact they are turning
their backs on life.

This may seem harsh,
but there is always the
opportunity to return
to God at any time -
God is always there
waiting for them,
arms wide open.

And when they, or us,
do return something
amazing will happen,

'..once again you will
 obey the voice of
 the Lord your God'

...(Deut. 30:8)

Put simply,
it is saying that once our
hearts are restored,
our hearing will improve!

Those who are far from God
will have problems hearing him.
Jesus emphasised this saying;

47 'Whoever belongs to God
   hears what God says.
   The reason you do not hear
   is that you do not
   belong to God.'

... John 8:47

God's plan is this:
If we return to him and allow him
to change our hearts,
we will hear his Word,
receive it and obey it.
When God's word is on our lips
and in our hearts,
nothing is impossible.

Jesus took up this theme
in the temple courts...he said,

'I am the light of the world.
 Whoever follows me will
 never walk in darkness,
 but will have the
 light of life.'"

...John 8:12

The Good News is -
as long as we choose God
and walk with Jesus,
our lives will be secure
and we will always know
where we're
meant to be going.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'From the Inside Out'
sung by Hillsong United
via the link shown below.