Monday Reflection


22nd February 2021

...through the imperfections...


'It is a trustworthy statement,
 deserving full acceptance,
 that Christ Jesus came into
 the world to save sinners'

..... 1 Timothy 1:15

When I first started work as a
prison chaplain the church warden
of one of our benefice churches
said to me,
How could you possibly work
with such people?
Aren't you afraid?'
I said
'No, there were certain
protocols in place;
and anyway, they were men,
just like others,
who had taken the wrong path.

Who knows who we are standing next to
in the supermarket check-out -
maybe they just hadn't
been caught yet!'

God loves the sinner but
hates the sin and we are
called to do the same'

In most languages the noun
comes after the adjective,
but not in Hebrew,
the language of Jesus.

In the sacred tongue there is
no such thing as an evil man -
only a man evil.

The man is a creation of God,
evil is the state he is in.
There is no such thing
as an evil woman;
rather there exists a woman,
a creation of God,
who happens to be sinful.

Jesus spoke this way and
knew God's word this way;
with the noun first and the adjective second.

He saw people made in the image
of God who were now imperfect.
He saw the adulterous woman not as an adulterous woman
but as a woman caught in the act
of adultery who could, therefore,
be saved out of it.

He saw the possessed man
as a man who happened to be
possessed and therefore,
could be set free.
He saw the sick not as sick people,
but as people who were sick
and oppressed and so
could be healed.

Jesus saw through the evil,
through the imperfections.
to the perfection that
God had created.
He died to separate
adjectives from nouns,
people from their sins
and fallen-ness.

He joins their adjectives
(their sins)
to another noun, himself,
and his adjective
(his holiness) to us.

When we see the sinful, defiled,
broken, hateful, perverse,
let's not see the adjective
first but the noun, the one whom God made
in his image,
the one he made them to be,
the one God liberated
them to become.

And that includes us;
when we look at ourselves
and see our failings,
let us not see the adjective
first but the noun.

Let us bring the adjective to the
Cross and see ourselves and others
as God created us to be,
bearing his image,
as his child for this is
who we truly are.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I Am Lovedn'
(Official Lyric Video)
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