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Tuesday Reflection


23rd February 2021

...send someone else...


12 Now go;
   I will help you speak and
   will teach you what to say."
13 But Moses said,
  "Pardon your servant, Lord.
   Please send someone else."

.... Exodus 4:12-13

God had his hand on
Moses' life from the very beginning.
He had quite a dramatic start;
when all the Hebrew babies
were sentenced to die,
he was saved, at birth, from death
when his mother set her infant
son adrift in a basket
on the River Nile,
and he was rescued by pharaoh's
daughter and raised as royalty.

That kind of start to life should
have filled Moses with confidence
that God could do anything.

Scriptures reminds us however,
that even though Moses was called
by God and had conversations with him
and saw demonstrations of
God's great power,
Moses still had doubts about
whether God knew
what he was doing.

Moses doubted he could do
the job God was calling him to.
Even after God had told him,
   'I will teach you what to say.'
Moses replied,
   'Send someone else.'

Moses' reply might surprise us,
but perhaps we have responded
in the same way.
Maybe doubts have got in the way
of what we are meant to accomplish,
taking away our opportunities.

Have you ever told God
to send someone else to do
the job he's called you to?
Have you ever doubted that you
have what it takes to do
what is asked of you?

Moses was an older man when
this conversation happened.
He had spoken to God face-to-face
and had experienced the
impossibility of the burning bush,
yet Moses doubted God's
calling on his life.

He believed there had to be
someone better for God
to send instead.

What causes us to doubt
God's plans and direction
for our lives?
If we're hesitant to follow
God's call because of
fear and doubt,
God may be telling us
to trust him.

He never makes a mistake.
He will give us all the tools
and guidance we need for
his plan to be successful.

If we want to embrace life in all
its scariness and hopefulness,
we have to get past our
own fears and doubts.
We have to stop saying,
'Send someone else.'
and realise that God
wants to send us.

He signed on with us before
we were born and he's been
watching over us ever since.
He knows what we can do
and what we have to learn,
but he will teach us
everything we need to know.

If we let God know we are ready
to serve him and
be guided by him;
he will be at our side to help us
and we will accomplish more than
we could possibly imagine.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I the Lord of see and sky.'
sung by Scottish schoolboys
@ Dunblane cathedral
via the link shown below.