Friday Reflection


26th February 2021

...vibrating strings...

45b For the mouth speaks
    what the heart is full of.'

.... Luke 6:45b

Some scientists
(especially those who work in string theory*)
believe that the smallest particle
is not the electron,
the neutron or the proton -
it is sound, 'sound waves' or
'vibrating strings' that have notes.

When we take the smallest known atom,
and split it into it's smallest form,
there is one more particle inside
the smallest particle -
a vibrating sound wave.
It would appear that sound waves are
at the core of every created thing.

*In particle physics, string theory

"is a theoretical framework
 in which the point-like [3D] particles
 are replaced by one-dimensional
 objects called strings.
 String theory describes how these
 strings spread through space and
 interact with each other."


Scientists at NASA have
discovered that sound waves of musical
harmonious notes were coming from
black holes (collapsed stars)
and other experiments revealed similar
results from rock samples taken
from outer space.
In fact they found that all
created things have sound waves
embedded in them.

Jesus spoke to mountains,
a fig tree and to a storm,
and these things obeyed his words.
He even said,

'These very stones will cry out'

.... Luke 19:40.

God spoke and it was created
and it is said that plants
respond positively if we talk to them.
It could be said that sound is the
base compound of all created things.
We also can speak and create with our words.

Researchers say we spend up to 20 per cent
of our entire lives talking!
That's on top of the 1/3 of
our time spent sleeping!

So, from a Christian perspective
it's reasonable to ask the question:
what does the Bible teach about
how we should talk?
What does it say about the tone
of our conversation... the words
we should use and so on?

Words are powerful,
they can build up or put down.
Solomon understood this when
he wrote in Proverbs:

Death and life are in the
power of the tongue,
and those who love it
will eat its fruits.

We can't easily fool people
in this area because eventually,
who we are comes through in what
we say.
In Luke 6:45 Jesus says:

'A good person brings good
 out of the treasure of good
 things in their heart;
 a bad person brings bad out of
 the treasure of bad things.
 For the mouth speaks what
 the heart is full of.'

That's pretty confronting isn't it?
Jesus is clearly making the point,
our words are a direct indication
of who we are.
Someone has put it this way:
   'Watch your thoughts,
   they become words.
   Watch your words,
   they become actions.
   Watch your actions,
   they become habits.
   Watch your habits,
   they become character.
   Watch your character
   because it becomes
   your destiny.'

Our words do reflect who we are -
not that any of us don't get it
very wrong at times,
if we are to get it right,
we need a change on the inside;
we need transformation!

In a word, we need Jesus!

With his example to follow
and the power of the
Holy Spirit leading,
strengthening and guiding us,
we can move progressively to
a place where, for the most part
our speech is calm, gracious,
encouraging and uplifting.

I love the way The Message version
of the Bible translates Colossians 4:6:

"Make the most of every opportunity,
 be gracious in your speech;
 the goal is to bring out the best
 in others in conversation -
 not put them down or
 cut them out".

Let us ask God for
this help today.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I speak Jesus.'
sung by Here Be Lions & Darlene Zschech
(with lyrics)'
via the link shown below.