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Tuesday Reflection


2nd March 2021 interesting one...

What if some were unfaithful?
Will their unfaithfulness nullify
God's faithfulness?

.....Romans 3:3

The answer to Paul's question above
is a definite, 'No';
even if every human being is false,
God is always true.

The game of 'What if?' is an
interesting one because our first
inclination is to give it a negative spin.

As we consider a new opportunity,
a new relationship,
or even a deeper commitment to God,
we play the game as though we need to
consider all the possibilities that
might go wrong.
We say, 'What if I take this job
and am not able to handle it?'
'What if I invest in this relationship
and get let down?'
outside my comfort zone?'.
Doubts, 'What Ifs?' can be scary.

However we can also use the 'What if?'
game to imagine the best.
When we do, we might stumble on
amazing possibilities for our lives.
We might say, 'What if I accept the job
and it suits me perfectly?'
'What if I invest in this relationship
and it works out even better
than I could imagine?'
'What if will tell God I will go
wherever he wants me to go
and he sends me to people and
places I have been longing
for all my life?'

It's all about the mindset,
stepping out in faith
in the loving God who always wants
the best for us.

But it isn't always easy,
often it means leaving the
comfort zone and facing our deepest fears.
In Lamentations 3:20-22 it said
that we need to hold onto to
our faith and onto our hope:

"I will remember them,
 [afflictions and wandering],
 and my soul downcast within me.
 Yet, this I call to mind
 and therefore I have hope.
 Because of the Lord's great love
 we are not consumed,
 for his compassions never fail."

Sometimes God calls us to sit still
and sometimes He calls us to move
in faith in a certain direction.

This is where trust comes into play.
Remember when Peter stepped out
into the water from the fishing boat
and then took his focus off of Jesus?
He saw the wind and cried out:
"Lord, save me."
Jesus immediately reached out His hand
and took hold of him:
"O you of little faith,
why did you doubt?"

If we allow ourselves to be
dominated by the distractions of life,
we will never know God's purpose.
When we allow problems to consume us,
we lose our way and can't hear
from God as clearly.

This can result in a life that's flat
and lack lustre.
Instead of relying only on what
we see around us,
choose to believe God's Word
not what others are telling us.

As we look forward to discovering
what God has for us,
skip the 'What if'?' question
and start by asking God directly
what he would have us do instead,
knowing that

"... in all things God works
for good with those who love him,
those whom he has called
according to his purpose".

....Romans 8:28

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Faithful one, so unchanging'
sung by Bethel AG
(feat. Madison Cunningham)
(with lyrics)'
via the link shown below.