All things
work together


Thursday Reflection


4th March 2021

...for those who love God...

"And we know that for those
 who love God all things work
 together for good,
 for those who are called
 according to his purpose".

.....Romans 8:28

Nicky Gumbel tells a story of
Lord Radstock who was staying
in a hotel in Norway
in the nineteenth century.
He heard a little girl playing the
piano downstairs in the hallway.
She was making a terrible noise:
plink ... plonk ... plink... plonk.

it was driving him mad!
A man came and sat beside her
and began playing alongside her,
filling in the gaps.
The result was the most beautiful music.

He later discovered that the man
playing was the girl's father,
Alexander Borodin,
composer of the opera Prince Igor.

God calls us into a relationship
that involves co-operation with him.
The Christian faith is mainly about
what God has done for us;
we are not merely spectators -
God expects us to respond.
He involves us in his plans;
he sits alongside us and in
'all things work for the good'
(Romans 8:28).

He takes our
'plink ... plonk ... plink ... plonk,
and makes something beautiful
of our lives.

Joni Eareckson Tada,
an inspirational Christian speaker,
author, and singer, is a
quadriplegic who has been confined
to a wheelchair for more than 40 years.

When people ask her why God
allows suffering, she often says,
"God allows what he hates
to accomplish what he loves."
And what does God love?

For people to enter into a
relationship with himself and
become more like him.
Joni's life and ministry are a
stunning testimony of how God
can use a tragedy like a
paralyzing diving accident
to impact the lives of millions.

All things don't just happen to work out
for good on their own.
Rather, God providentially works
all things together for good for
His people according to His purpose.

The truth of Romans 8:28 reminds us
that although sin and Satan are powerful,
God is more powerful;
He is able to redeem and restore anything
for our good and his glory.

All things may not be good,
but God can and will use
all things for good.
If we trust in him.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I need thee every hour'
sung by Salt of the Sound
via the link shown below.



PS Murphy's law states that
if anything can go wrong, it will.