Thursday Reflection


11th March 2021

...a great high priest...

14  Therefore,
   since we have a great high priest
   who has ascended into heaven,
   Jesus the Son of God,
   let us hold firmly
   to the faith we profess.

.....Hebrews 4:14

The Bible gives us very detailed
information about what the High Priest
wore in the days of ancient Israel,
and these details are
significant for us today -
Exodus 28:6-14.

The ephod of the high priest
was woven of blue, purple, scarlet,
and fine linen yarn and was
embroidered with figures of gold.

It was made of two pieces covering
the upper part of the body,
the one covering the back,
the other the breast.
The two parts were fastened
together on the top of each
shoulder by a golden clasp
or fastening-an onyx set in gold -
with the names of six tribes
on each stone.

The breastplate was fastened on to
the ephod (Ex 28:6-12; 39:2-7).
There is a hidden truth
in this breastplate.

There are twelve stones on the
High Priest's breastplate and the
names of the twelve tribes of
Israel are engraved on each
of those stones.

The twelve stones represent
God's people today.
We are his precious living stones.
He chose very costly, rare and
precious gems to represent us,
such as sardius, topaz, emerald,
turquoise, sapphire, diamond,
jacinth, agate, amethyst, beryl,
onyx and jasper.

Of all the garments worn
by the priest, the
breastplate is closest to his heart.

Today Jesus is our great High Priest
and when we examine the breastplate,
we see something significant
as to how he sees us.
The names of the twelve tribes
were not just written on the
precious stones:
the Bible tells us they were
engraved on them
(Exodus 39:14).

This means that when we make
Jesus our Lord, our names are
engraved forever in his book of life.
If our names were just written,
we could feel that they could be
erased or blotted out.
But Jesus has engraved our names
on a precious stone that he
carries close to his heart.

This gives us some ides of how much
we are valued and Jesus' deep desire
for each of us to be close to him.
In him we are significant,
we have identity and in him
we are valued and dearly loved.

Whenever we are feeling down,
or that we are insignificant,
helpless, worthless, we can keep this
beautiful picture in mind,
because it isn't about how we see
ourselves, but how God sees us.

Know that we are loved
and the more we receive God's love
and see ourselves as he sees us,
the more we will be able to fulfil the
potential he has planned for us.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I Am Loved'
sung by Mack Brock
(Lyrics Video)
via the link shown below.