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Friday Reflection


12th March 2021 before all things ...

17  'He is before all things
    and by him all things
    are held together.'

....Colossians 1:17

Sitting listening to my
'Pray as you go' reflection
a couple mornings ago I was asked
to evaluate how I was feeling
about my journey this Lent.

Sitting there in what was supposed
to be a moment of reflection,
all the things in which I was not
doing well sprang to mind.

Before I sank into a bout of self-pity
and misery it came to me that,
however badly I believed I was doing,
Jesus is always there,
a light at the end of the tunnel
(which is not a train coming
in the opposite direction),
ever loving, encouraging,
and we need to take our eyes off
ourselves and look to him.
He is our constant.

When we only look at what we're not,
the thoughts of our seeming failures
keep us focused on the shadows in the
tunnel instead of seeing his light.
Sometimes the way out is merely
a change of perspective.

We can beat ourselves up about too many
cakes or chips and not enough quality time,
or we can look to Jesus,
letting his light shine into our dark
moments and guide us closer to him.

Paul tells us in the verse above
'He [Jesus] is before all things
and by him all things
are held together.'
That includes us!

We may be struggling to hold things
together, but Jesus holds
ALL things together.

When we commit ourselves to him;
our victories, our failures or
sorrow and joys and our efforts that
land somewhere in the middle.
He holds them all together.

The verse says that he is
before all things.
Jesus knew our struggles before
we knew them, and he's rooting for us
to see beyond those struggles
and look to him.
If we take our gaze off all
we are not, we can embrace
who he says we are.

Though we may need to work on
our friendships, Jesus says
we are his friends. (John15:15).

When we feel disconnected and inadequate,
he says we are the branches of the true vine,
able to bear fruit for him. (John15:1)
When we are being hard on ourselves,
Christ says there is no condemnation
for those in him. (Romans 8:1)

There are times when it feels
as though everything is either falling
apart or, at best, an extremely
long work in progress.
Even then, though,
Jesus is constant, and he offers the
strength that will carry us through.

We don't have to have it all together -
but we do have to know the one who does.
He's there whether we're ticking
all the boxes or barely making it along.
He wants us to be better friends,
but that can only happen if we keep
looking towards his light.

There will be days when we wonder
if we're giving enough -
if we should be doing more;
but even when we accept that
we haven't measured up,
we can still praise God
that he gives us a mind to even
care about those things.

We can turn to him and
let his Word show us how to get
to where we need to be.

When we become better for those
around us and can say
'Jesus is the reason."
He gets the glory and our
struggle is not in vain.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Jesus be the centre.'
sung by Michael Frye & Kathryn Scott
(Official Lyrics Video)
Vineyard Worship feat.
via the link shown below.