Sunday Reflection


14th March 2021 is your son...

26  When Jesus saw His mother
   and the disciple whom He loved
   standing nearby,
   He said to his mother,
  "Woman, here is your son."

27  Then He said to the disciple,
  "Here is your mother."
   So from that hour, this disciple
   took her into his home.

....John 19:26-27

For the last month there
have been posters, cards and
all sorts of other paraphernalia
to advertise the approach of
'Mother's Day'.

For many it is a day of joy,
of flowers and chocolates,
of family gatherings,
sharing a meal,
showing appreciation and love;
and even if we are not able to
get together because of the
pandemic restrictions,
Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp,
can bring us closer together.

Celebrating Mothering Sunday is wonderful.
But for many of us this is not possible,
our mothers are long passed away.
For others, where the loss is
more recent or for those longing to be
mothers and have found it impossible,
it can be a very sad day,
a day of pain & grief and so not
everybody looks forward to
Mother's Day for various reasons.

Motherhood is a special gift
from God and it seems to me,
that something miraculous happens
when a woman gives birth to her first child.
For in a way there are really two births.
The first, of course,
is the birth of a child and then
there is the birth of a mother.

Through the years we relate to our
mothers differently:
 At age 4, we say
"My mummy can do anything!"
 At age 14,
"Mum doesn't know anything!"
 At age 18,
"Mum is out of step with the times."
 At age 25,
"Well, mum knows some things."
 At age 35,
"Before we decide to do that,
 let's get Mum's opinion."
 At age 45,
"I wonder what mum would say about this?"
 At age 65+
"I wish I could talk with Mum."

A mother can have the angelic voice
of a member in a celestial choir
as she gently sings a lullaby
to the babe in her arms.
Yet this same voice can dwarf
the sound of a drill sergeant
when she calls her children
in for supper, or cheers them
on at school's sports day.

When we recall Jesus,
as he hung on the cross,
through all his pain he remembered
his mother and honoured her.
One of the last things Jesus did
on earth was to take care of His mother.

Even in the dying moments of His life,
He never stopped loving her.
He never stopped caring for her.
Hanging on the cross,
Jesus told John that Mary
was now his mother and in turn
he was now her son.

In that moment,
Jesus made a statement in front of
witnesses that made the arrangement
binding and so formally placed his mother
under John's protection,
requiring him to provide for
Mary after his death.

Jesus was making the point that
Mothers are important.
There is hardly a thrill in life
that can compete with the opportunity
of being able to say to someone that
'this wonderful woman is my Mother,
'or 'This is my mum'.

But we also have to acknowledge today
that for whatever reason some women
are not Mothers.
Likewise, for whatever reason,
some people are not able to have a
relationship with their Mother.
Let us remember all these people
in our prayers today.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Ave Maria'
By: Schubert
sung by Celtic Woman
via the link shown below.