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Monday Reflection


15th March 2021

...the power of that moment...

1  The Lord had said to Abram,
 "Go from your country,
  your people and your father's
  household to the land I will show you.
2  "I will make you into a great nation,
  and I will bless you;
  I will make your name great,
  and you will be a blessing.

..... Genesis 12:1,2

Have you ever had a call
in the middle of the night,
when your teenager is out or you know
a dear friend is going through
a difficult time?
When the phone rings,
you look at it for a few seconds
before you pick it up,
don't you?

It seems that your heart stops
beating in those suspended seconds.
Telephone calls can change our lives;
it was through a telephone call,
totally out of the blue, that,
in my mid 50's, I was called into
prison ministry and spent the
most amazing and rewarding
12 years of my working life.

When God calls, it is also alarming.
All of us who have heard God's call
on our lives to repent and follow
Jesus Christ also know the power
of that moment in our lives,
when we leave all to follow Christ.
When God calls things happen.

There is a famous place in the
Word of God about calls.
It is in Genesis 12:1-2,
where the Lord calls Abraham to
leave all and follow Him to a place
that He would show him.

This divine interruption,
like the telephone call in the night,
would change his life-and ours-forever

When God changed Abrams' name to Abraham,
he had a big vision of what
he wanted Abram to do.
God knew Abraham would trust him,
and he knew he could count on Abraham
whom he considered righteous.

God's request of Abraham to leave his country
and everything he knew
and go to a strange land.
Imagine that.
What if God told us to leave everything
and move half way across the world?

In Abraham's case, if he's willing to obey,
God would bless him beyond measure,
make him famous, and let all the world know
what a righteous man he was.
God would bless Abraham in every way
so that he would bless others.
Together they would build God's kingdom.

We may not have to leave our familiar place
to do God's work in the world.
We may be called to stay right where we are
and help people in our neighbourhoods.
We have been blessed with skills
and talents that bring blessings to others.

Our gifts are not to be underestimated;
God designed us to stand apart
in unique ways from those around you.
No one can do exactly what you can do
the way you do it. You are blessed to be you.

What I find so amazing about this passage is that
when God called Abram, he was a Gentile.
While he was still apart from the one, true God,
Abram was called to part from that way of life,
to pilgrim in the new way
that leads to the promise,
our Lord Jesus Christ.

That is what happens to all of us.
As FB Meyer put it,
"The blessing of Abraham is for all of us
who are in Christ Jesus,
as we walk in the steps
of this great Pilgrimage"

As we journey through Lent to the Cross
let us be open to God's call
and be ready to go where he wants
to take us and be a blessing to others.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Song of blessing'
sung by Joe Wise
via the link shown below.