First seek God


Thursday Reflection


18th March 2021

...various ways to seek God...

25  "Therefore I tell you,
    do not worry about your life,
    what you will eat or drink;
    or about your body,
    what you will wear.
    Is not life more than food,
    and the body more than clothes?
33  But seek first his kingdom
    and his righteousness,
    and all these things will be
    given to you as well.

.....Matthew 6:25,33

When Paul tells us the 'joy' is one
of the fruits of the spirit,
he meant us to take him literally.
The New Testament tells us many times
in various ways to seek God and
serve him with our whole hearts.

Our order of priorities are to be;
first - love God;
second - love and serve others;
third - everything else.

But when we take our eyes off
taking care of ourselves
and put others first
are we simply going to
stop eating and die of starvation?
Sleep on the street?
Walk around naked in the
rain and snow?

God gave us life and
intends for us, for the most part,
to have what we need to live
in some basic degree of comfort.

There are some great men and women
who have utterly rejected
the comforts of this life:
John the Baptist and
Saint Francis for example;
but even if we are not called
to great sacrifice,
we can still follow the
examples of Jesus.

According to the Bible,
Jesus lived simply,
but frequently enjoyed the
basic comforts of life.

However, the Bible also tells us
just the opposite of what the
'wise' men of earth tell us.
They say, 'Plan for the future.'
God tells us, 'Live this day for me,
and let me plan for your future.'

Then he makes us a promise;
if we seek him,
he will provide for us.
He will make sure we have food
and water and clothing and
a place to sleep;
unless he has a reason
for us to suffer deprivation
(but he does not cause it).

There are several accounts
of Jesus sending out
the first disciples to
spread the Good News,
and in all of them the disciples
are told pretty much what
this verse above tells us.

They were sent out on the road
with no money, no food,
not even a spare set of sandals;
they put their lives
completely in God's hands.
We are not told how they got on,
but we do know that the apostles
all returned alive,
full of enthusiasm with what
they had achieved.

If we believe that God gave us life,
we can believe that God can give,
or take away,
anything or everything in our lives.
He has promised that,
if we serve him,
he will look after us and
take care of our daily needs.

God is going to do whatever
is best for us and the more
we seek his kingdom,
the more control of our lives
we turn over to his will,
the more he will fill us
with the richness of his joy.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'All things (for my good)'
sung by Covenant Worship
(Official Lyrics Video)
via the link shown below.