for faith
not for fear


Monday Reflection


22nd March 2021

...worry and anxiety are sand...

Sometimes the Lord calms the storm.
Sometimes he lets the storm rage
and calms his child.

Quote by writer Leslie Gould.

Fear is one of the enemy's most
popular weapons that he uses against us.
Worry, anxiety, fear can overwhelm us
controlling our every move and decision.

There are so many crazy things going on
around us in the world today - wars, conflicts,
persecution, violence, crime, natural disasters,
terrorism, economic uncertainty, unemployment,
divisions, Covid and other diseases
causing long term sickness or death.

We fear for our children's future,
we fear for our families,
we fear for our financial future,
we fear for our safety.
The list goes on and on.
There's actually a lot we could
potentially worry about.

Yet reality tells us that so much
of what we spend our time
worrying about never even happens.
Living under the weight of the "what if's"
is a hard place to be.

Dr. E. Stanley Jones,
an American Methodist Christian missionary,
theologian, and author, wrote:

'I am inwardly fashioned for faith,
not for fear.
Fear is not my native land;
faith is.
I am so made that worry and anxiety
are sand in the machinery of life;
faith is the oil.
I live better by faith and confidence
than by fear, doubt and anxiety.
In anxiety and worry,
my being is gasping for breath --
these are not my native air.
But in faith and confidence,
I breathe freely --
these are my native air.'

A University doctor says,

"We do not know why it is that worriers
 die sooner than the non-worriers,
 but that is a fact."

But I think that while we are inwardly
constructed of nerve and tissue,
brain cell and soul
we are also programmed for faith
and not for fear.
God made us that way.
To live by worry is to live against reality.
Jesus himself told his disciples:

"Do not worry about your life,
 what you will eat; or about your body,
 what you will wear. Life is more than food,
 and the body more than clothes.
 Who of you by worrying can add
 a single hour to his life?
 Since you cannot do this very little thing,
 why do you worry about the rest?"

....Luke 12:22,26

There are a number of responses to fear
but the writer of Psalm 56:3 sums it up beautifully

'When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.'

It's not always easy,
and it often comes down to a choice:
Choosing not to allow fear and anxiety
to control our lives
Choosing to guard our hearts.
Choosing to focus our minds on what is true
in the midst of uncertain times.

We might still feel afraid,
but we can believe that God is with us.
We may not be in control,
but we can trust the One who is.
We may not know the future,
but we can know the God who does.

Remember there are 365
"Do not be afraids" in the Bible!!
One for every day of the week!

Do you think God is
trying to tell us something?

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Let Nothing Disturb You'
sung by Ferds Bautista
via the link shown below.