The Annunciation


Thursday Reflection


25th March 2021

...Whose will?...

'Let it be to be according to your word.'

....Luke 1:38b

Whose agenda are we following?
Our own or God's?
Whose will are we doing?
Our own or God's?
Whose kingdom are we building up?
Our own or God's?

The story of the Annunciation,
commemorated day, but is so often overlooked
coming in the middle of the week,
yet it is so important.
Mary's "Yes" to God opens the doorway
for the salvation of mankind.

This is the crucial moment when,
from Mary's lips, and her heart,
the answer comes:
'Let it be to be according to your word.'
It is the moment of free,
humble obedience in which the greatest
choice of human freedom is made.

The Annunciation is the word of God,
through the messenger, to Mary.
'You have found favour with God.
The power of the Holy Spirit will come upon you.
You will give birth to the Saviour.

Mary asks, "How can this be?"
The angel/messenger said to her,
"Nothing will be impossible with God."
The call of God is to an ordinary woman.
It is the call to do something extraordinary

At the Annunciation, Mary gives herself
to this most wonderful
and most unique of all missions.
She declares herself to be the Lord's handmaid -
literally, in Greek, the Lord's slave-maid.
And here again is a divine paradox:
that in this act of giving herself
entirely to the Lord, she becomes his slave,
"the greatest choice of human freedom" is enacted.

Mary shows us how to be a follower of Jesus,
making a loving surrender
into the hands of God who loves us.
When we wonder if we can make such an act
of trust and abandonment into the hands of God
let us remember that when God calls us,
he also equips us, giving us his grace
to do what he requires of us.

Surrendering to God,
making that act of trust or abandonment
into the hands of God, is not easy.
It means letting go,
facing into the unknown
and the unknown scares us.

We are all faced with decisions like Mary.
Will we surrender to God and allow God
to do what from our human point of view
seems impossible?
Will we surrender our agenda, our will
and our kingdom to God and allow God's agenda,
will and kingdom to become a reality?
When Mary surrendered, Jesus came.

If we really hear the gospel,
if we truly perceive the voice of the
One who calls us, there is encouragement--
we have found favour with God --
but there is also a growing edge,
and that is to reflect in our own lives,
the very nature of God:

to save; to bless; to do great things for God
to make God's name Holy; to be merciful
to be reverent; to be strong; to put away pride
to place our leadership under the judgment of God
to remember that God is on the side of the oppressed
to feed the hungry; to serve, and ...
to do all of this in remembrance of him.
So, what is God saying to us today
and what are we saying to God?

It may seem impossible for us
but for God all things are possible.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Tell out my soul'
sung by Arundel cathedral
via the link shown below.