The meaning of life


according to Greek texts


Friday Reflection


26th March 2021

...Ask, Seek, Knock?...

7  "Ask and it will be given to you;
   seek and you will find;
   knock and the door
   will be opened to you.

.....Matthew 7:7

I find this passage as particularly encouraging;
if we ask God he will provide,
if we knock there will be access to him
and if we look for him,
we will realise that he is there for us.

But recently I learnt a lesson
from the original Greek
writing of the New Testament.
The Greek language uses tenses differently
from the English language - in English
the three verbs 'ask, seek, knock'
mean in the present, 'now';
while in the Greek it does not say anything
about time! If you say, 'Give me a book,"
in ancient Greek, you would not expect
to receive it immediately.

Instead, the 'present' tense is used to indicate
continuous action - whether now or ten years from now.
And that does put the quote in a different light.
Do we knock once, asking to be let in;
and once we are in, we stop knocking?

A lot of people do just that.
Their church and spiritual life
becomes settled and set.
No, that isn't what the Bible says and that
is not what Jesus wants us to do.

The Bible and Jesus says,
'Knock, ask and seek - continually.
We are supposed to knock on his door every day.
He is not the stressed-out homeowner
and we are not the door-to-door salesperson;
he has invited us;
no, commanded us,
to knock on his door regularly.

The other two parts are even clearer.
We should certainly ask him for what we want every day
(think of the sentence in the Lord's prayer,
'Give us today our daily bread...')
but it is the 'seek' part where we really
have a chance to help ourselves;
because, if we are wise,
we will seek God every day of our lives.

This is what the meaning of life is all about -
deepening our relationship with God.

So many people live in an anxious, confused state,
trying to discover the meaning of life;
and yet they never knock on the one door that
will open for them and give them the answer.

Seek after Jesus and,
if we think we have found him,
keep on seeking.
He isn't hiding; we only have trouble finding him
because we cannot see properly.
But it is in the trying to know him that our lives
are filled with purpose and develop in his love.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Turn your eyes upon Jesus'
sung by Salt of the Sound
via the link shown below.