'Peter and John
- the bold'


Saturday Reflection


10th April 2021

...then know this...

19  But Peter and John replied,
 "Which is right in God's eyes:
  to listen to you, or to him?
  You be the judges!
20  As for us, we cannot help
  speaking about what we have
  seen and heard."

.... Acts 4:19-20

Peter and John had healed the crippled
man in the name of Jesus, this man,
who used to sit begging at the
temple gate called Beautiful,
caused a scene by leaping and
shouting praises to God.

This drew a crowd who were
'filled with wonder and amazement
at what had happened to him.' (3:10)
and Peter preached the Church's
second sermon which brought them
to the notice of the authorities;
the temple police arrested them
and put them in jail.

The next morning they are brought
before the Sanhedrin,
the high court of Israel who
questioned Peter and John.

The Sanhedrin's question to Peter and John was:
"By what power, or in what name,
have you done this?" (4:7)
To which Peter responded with a third sermon:

'...then know this,
you and all the people of Israel:
It is by the name of Jesus Christ
of Nazareth, whom you crucified
but whom God raised from the dead,
that this man stands before you healed.

.... (Acts 4:10)

Peter could have stopped there;
he had answered their question.
But he went on to say,

"The Man you crucified.
 The Man God raised from the dead."

The council noticed the boldness of Peter
and were surprised because they knew
Peter and John were unlearned
and untrained men.
They must have been surprised because
simple men typically would not speak
with such authority in front of the
council of high priest.

The character trait that "astonished"
the Sadducees was the "boldness"
of Peter and John.
Their whole demeanour was one of
confidence that gave them the
freedom to speak freely in the face
of what must have been
an intimidating audience.

The council were at a loss to know what
to do with the two men.
Many people had seen the
crippled beggar cured,
there he was standing in front of them,
in plain sight.

So they could not punish the two who had performed
such an amazing sign; but they did not want things
to get out of hand so they warned
Pater and John to stop their preaching.

19  But Peter and John replied,
  "Which is right in God's eyes:
   to listen to you, or to him?
   You be the judges!
20  As for us,
   we cannot help speaking about what
   we have seen and heard."

....Acts 4:19-20

There is an interesting piece of
information given concerning the
healing of the crippled man.
Acts 4:22 tells us:
for the man was more than forty years old
on whom this miracle of healing
had been performed.

Which serves to prove once more that
the miracle was genuine,
the man had been crippled for forty years.

This is a great story;
but how about if we make it practical.
How do we think we would respond if put
into the situation of Peter and John?
Would we keep quiet?
Would we openly defy the authorities?

What is really sad is that we have never
been commanded to keep quiet,
and yet we do;
we often fail to tell what we have seen
and heard of Jesus.
Paul put it this way in Romans 10:

How then shall they call upon Him
in whom they have not believed?
And how shall they believe in Him
whom they have not heard?
And how shall they hear
without a preacher?

....(Romans 10:14 NASB)

The preacher should be us!

People must hear the message
of Christ if they are to believe it:
So faith comes from hearing,
and hearing by the word of Christ.

....(Romans 10:17 NASB)

Let's be bold and
tell the good news of the Risen Lord.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'I Speak Jesus'
sung by Here Be Lions with Darlene Zschech
via the link shown below.