'For all women,'


but for men as well


Friday Reflection


16th April 2021's of celebration...

10  How hard it is to find a capable wife!
   She is worth far more than jewels!

.....Proverbs 31: 10

Reading through an article,
this verse caught my eye and,
remembering it of old,
continued to read on to verse 31.

I immediately felt all the old inadequacies
come flooding back as I thought back
to earlier years when I was juggling
with a home, husband, two children,
a teaching job, two dogs and a pony.

I was permanently playing 'catch-up'.
There was no way I was going to measure up
to such perfection!

This woman of noble character
was overwhelmingly perfect.
I could not compete with that
and at times found it so depressing
that I can quite understand why
some woman would want to skip over
this passage of Scripture altogether.
It brings to the front the thought,
'I can't measure up,
I'm just not good enough.'

But the heart behind this Scripture
isn't of condemnation -
it's of celebration.
This isn't just a chapter about a wife
of noble character, despite how
our Bible entitles verses 10-31.

It's about a woman of valour;
a courageous woman,
one with strength and dignity.
Proverbs 31 is for us all.

In Jewish culture these verses are
read out loud on the Sabbath as
a celebration over the women.
This no way condemns what they aren't,
but rather celebrates how they,
in their own unique expressions,
live out the virtues
detailed in this chapter.

These words are not meant to tell a woman
she's supposed to be more;
they are a celebration of who she is.
All under the banner of honouring God;
serving out of love.
Proverbs reminds us
what is truly worth celebrating.

'Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain,
 but the woman who fears the Lord
 is to be praised."


Notice it's not the person
with the spotless house or the Mum
who never skips pages when reading to
her perfectly behaved children,
who are praised.
It's not even just for those who
are married and have children.
It's for all.

It describes a woman (or a man)
who honours God by seeking him
in everything she does
and trusting him wholeheartedly.
She has a heart for reverence
that overflows into all areas of her life.

And let's not forget to look at
today's verses in the context of why God
gave us this book of the Bible.
The very first chapter tells us it exists
so we can gain wisdom, instruction,
understanding, insight, knowledge,
discretion and guidance (1:1-7).

Chapter two goes on to remind us
that as we receive and apply
God's commands,
we will be able to gain
knowledge of the Lord.

Wisdom is both a gift from God
and a process of learning.
If we challenge ourselves to look at
Proverbs 31 closely,
we will see what parts of it is a gift to us
and what verses we need to learn from.

God put these words into the Bible
for posterity; they are needed and
meant for our good.
Let's ask him to help us learn
from them today, so that we can be

...clothed with strength and dignity,
and can laugh at the days to come.' (31:25)

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Little Things With Great Love'
The Porter's Gate
(feat. Madison Cunningham)
via the link shown below.