'The Way,
 The Truth,
 The Life'

   Friday Reflection


30th April 2021

...we follow a person...

Confucius said, 'I know the way.'
Krishna said, 'I see the way.'
Mohammed said, 'I am the prophet of the way.'
Buddha said, 'I am seeking the way.'
The New Age says, 'We are on the way.'
Jesus said, 'I AM the Way.'

As Christians we need to remember
we follow a person; Jesus, God incarnate,
fully human, fully God
who came as the Way to lead us to God
our Father. the Creator.
There are many names for God
but only in Christianity do we find
God called 'Father'.

Jesus was with his disciples,
preparing them for his departure
from this earth.
He said he was going to return to his Father
to prepare a place for them and that
he would come back for them (John 14:2-4)
he then added that they knew the way.

Thomas questions this (v.5),
and Jesus came out with one of the most
quoted verses of the New Testament

"I am the way, the truth, and the life"

....John 14:6

He is simply claiming that

"I am the way to the Father"

.... (John 14:6).

He is the way for us to know the truth
about the Father, and He is the way for us
to practically enjoy life to the full
with the Father even while we are on earth.

The goal of our Lord Jesus
is to bring us to the Father,
not only in the next life,
but right now -
so that we may know the Father
and live with Him, right now.

Today we know a lot about the things
around us but don't know the way
to eternal life.
We may be knowledgeable but
we're hopelessly lost!

When we get lost in the jungle,
we need a simple native guide
who can lead us to safety
more than we need brilliant scientists.
Jesus claims that He is the Way.
He is not "a part of the way,"
i.e., that we have to work out
the other part of the way.

He is the way that reaches to God
because He is God,
and He is the way that reaches
down to man because He is man.
He is the way that reaches down
to sinful mankind and brings them
to the highest heaven.

"No man comes to the Father, but by me"

.... (John 14:6b).

This exclusive claim makes Christ
either the Messiah or a liar;
or as C S Lewis puts it,
Jesus is either "Mad, Bad, or God"
There can be no middle ground.

God is our Creator and only He can save us.
That is the Truth.

'There is only one Saviour'

.... (1Tim 2:5).

Those who claim that they worship God
but not Christ deceive themselves (John 15:23).
We need to remember that we can only
enter heaven on God's terms not ours.

There is a story about a man arriving at
the gates of heaven;
it looked good, and as he thought
about his life he thought,
'I'm in!'
St. Peter, looked at him and knew
what he's thinking
"You need to gain 100 points before
I can let you in, tell me what
you have done during your life.'

The man is surprised at the question
and replies 'Attended church every Sunday'
'That's 3 points' says the angel,
'Well I've helped at the church fete
and the church b-b-q and
I rang bells every Sunday'.

'That's added another 6.' the angel said,
'I've been faithful to my wife.'
said the man wracking his brains to
think what more he could say.
'This went on for a while but still
the total only reached 35.

The man, in exasperation cried out,
'At this rate the only way into heaven
will be by blood of Christ and grace of God.'
"At Last,' cried the angel, 'Welcome, come on in!'

Jesus is the way to God,
the way to His love,
the way to His forgiveness -
both now and eternally.

There are many people who do not understand this.
They think they are responsible for
"making" part of the way to heaven -
by preparation, by good works,
by religious rituals.

Some think that "His way" cannot reach them
because they have done terrible things
which God could never forgive (1Tim 1:15) -
but Jesus came to earth and
died on the cross
'while we were yet still sinners'
to bring us to God,
(and let's not deceive ourselves -
we all have fallen short of
the glory of God.)

But God

'... so loved the world
 he gave his only Son'..

.... John 3:16,17.

He didn't wait for us to clean up our act;
to become perfect; no, he knows us as we are
and loves us as we are -
but loves us too much to allow us
to stay that way -
hence the sacrifice.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
that reaches to the Father because He is God,
and He is the way that reaches
down to man because He is man.

Will we accept that special gift
that God offers thro' Jesus?
The choice is ours.
Remember Jesus loves us,
he sacrificed himself for us.

Do we follow the one who is
'The Way, the Truth and The Life'?

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Jesus is The Way, The Shepherd, The Vine'
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