good luck'

    it's a good God

   Monday Reflection


3nd May 2021 gets messed up...

12  May the Lord repay you
   for what you have done.
   May you be richly rewarded
   by the Lord, the God of Israel,
   under whose wings you have
   come to take refuge."

....Ruth 2:12

When life gets messed up,
it is only natural to feel that God is
overlooking our sufferings
and not at work in our lives.
But believing God doesn't care
can blind us to where he is working,
or we can attribute his goodness
to nothing more than good luck.

I don't believe good luck -
I believe in a good God.

In the book of Ruth we read how Naomi
struggled to see God at work in her life
due to the onslaught of losses and
disappointments she had endured.

She had to leave her home due to famine
and move to another city.
Then she lost her husband, two sons, friends,
wealth and financial security.
Her heart had become bitter
and her faith shaken.

She believed her life was permanently
empty of anything good and felt that
all she had was bad luck.
Yet, despite her negativity
and lack of faith,
God had amazing plans for her life.

When good things finally did start happening
after a long season of suffering
I wonder if she chalked them up to coincidence
rather than giving credit where credit was due.
It would have been easy as her heart was heavy,
her faith was weak and her spirit crushed.

Yet, as we read her story in the Old Testament
book of Ruth, it's obvious that God was
organising his divine plan for her life.

Naomi and her daughter-on-law Ruth
left their home in Moab where there was famine
to journey to Bethlehem, arriving back
just in time for the barley harvest;
good luck - no, God's perfect timing!

He opened the doors of opportunity
and provision for them.
Ruth went to pick up leftover grain
in the fields, and
'as it turned out,
she was working in the field
belonging to Boaz.' (2:3)

Was it good luck that she ended up in
Boaz's field, (Boaz was her kinsman)
of all the fields around?
No, it was God going before her
and guiding her steps.

As the story continues,
we read that Boaz arrived and happened
to notice her. Good luck?
No, God was working on the man's heart
to prepare for his plans to be carried out.

Ruth 2:12 reminds us of God's goodness.
12 May the Lord repay you for what you have done.
May you be richly rewarded by the Lord,
the God of Israel, under whose wings
you have come to take refuge."

Boaz later married Ruth and they had a son,
giving Naomi a new son-in-law and precious
grand-son and Boaz purchased Naomi's land
securing her financial security.

The were all divinely planned gifts from God,
not just good luck.
Gifts and blessings; in his perfect timing,
according to his perfect plan.

Ruth became the great-grandmother of
King David whose offspring continued
the family line into which Jesus was born.

I have seen God at work,
his restoration plans for my life have
played out day by day.
I can look back at so many good things
that have happened over the years
and can only thank God,
for I have seen his miracles,
not just streaks of good luck.

Just as he did for Ruth and Naomi
he wants to do for all his children.

There are no such things as co-incidences,
only God-incidences,
because the scriptures remind us that God
has his hand in all matters under the sun.
Remember God is always in control,
working behind the scenes to arrange good
plans for our lives,
even though we don't recognise
at the time.

20  And we know that in all things
   God works for the good of
   those who love him,
   who have been called according
   to his purpose.

....Romans 8:28

This not only gives us great hope
but allows us to live with joy -
despite whatever life throws at us.

It may be interesting to watch,
or just listen to a song
'Faithful one, so unchanging'
sung by Bethel AGs
via the link shown below.