'Those who think they know something...'

Monday Reflection

27th July 2020

'do not yet know'

2 "Those who think they know something
    do not yet know as they ought to know."
    1 Cor. 8:2

This quote brings to mind the quote by Isaac Asimov,
'Those of you who think you know everything
are annoying those of us who do.'
which I saw on the front of a lovely T shirt.

But this very short verse from 1 Corinthians contains such a profound statement;
Paul is warning that someone can imagine they know something and be wrong.
The old saying goes that 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.
Modern culture has even given this a fancy-sounding name: the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
The idea is that those who gain a small amount of knowledge
on a subject tend to become overconfident about how much they really know.

There must be a moral element as well as a merely intellectual element
in knowledge if it is to be true knowledge.
Without love to guide us in its use it is not a working knowledge,
and so does not fulfil the true end of knowledge.
This little passage has real meaning for me.
Over the years I have come to realise that the more I learn of God,
the more I realise how little I know of him.

It is almost as if God is this enormous mountain which is shrouded in fog.
As the fog disperses,
I see how vast this mountain is and how little I've really seen,
how little I've explored, how little I've experienced.
I am in awe as I look at this enormous mountain.

At one time I thought that I was a really mature Christian;
I'd learned so much; experienced so much;
climbed up and looked down from the heights.
Then the fog began to clear and I realised
that I hadn't even reached the foothills yet.

God really amazes me.
Think about him.
He just spoke and the universe was created.
I read an article not long ago where scientists now think
there is not just one universe but multiple universes.
Whether it is one that spans millions of light years
or multiple universes spanning even greater distances,
it really isn't that important;
the point is that God made it all by speaking it into life.

That is what I mean,
the more I learn about God the more amazed I am
at how little I know about him.
I hope that you, too, will be amazed and let the wonder and amazement
bring you into the worship of our great and awesome God.