'We are precious
in God's sight'

Friday Reflection

21st August 2020

'to do good works'

"For we are God's handiwork,
 created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
 which God prepared in advance for us to do."
    .. Ephesians 2:10

Did you ever have a big dream when you were younger,
something that made you feel fully alive,
as though you were created just for that purpose?

Or perhaps you've been fed the lie
that God doesn't want to use you because of;

Your past
Your poor choices
Your weight or age
You just aren't good enough

I have met and worked with many people
in schools and prison who grew up being told constantly
that they will never be good enough.

If a child or adult grows up hearing that they are worthless,
that they will never amount to anything,
that they will never do any good;
they will eventually believe it.
It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In the New Testament, John chapter 4,
there is the story of a woman from Samaria.
She had made a lot of bad choices in her life;
choices which made people look down on her, avoid her.
But when Jesus saw her,
he didn't keep his distance,
he never does,
even though it was against Jewish law
for a man to have contact with a woman he didn't know,
especially someone from Samaria,
he got up close and engaged her in conversation.

Even though he already knew her whole story,
including all the mistakes and bad choices she'd made,
he leaned in and loved her;
he forgave her and gave her a brand- new life.
Jesus changed her,
and it was enough to change a whole community.
The Samaritan womans' mess became a life-changing message;

39 Many of the Samaritans from that town
   believed in him [Jesus]
   because of the woman's testimony,

  "He told me everything I ever did."

   .. John 4:39

When we believe we are who God says we are,
everything changes in Jesus.
We are enough and have enough to do what we are created to do.
No one is too far gone.
Jesus longs to meet us
in the messes and stresses of our daily lives,
to change us so that we can become
the people we are intended to be
in him and do what we have been created to do.

Jesus did it for the Samaritan woman;
he will do it for us.
If we hear the lie that we are not good enough
we have a choice -
we can listen to that lie
or we can repudiate it

Is there a lie we have believing for far too long?
Armed with the truth about who God says we are
let us step out in faith
with our eyes firmly on Jesus who said;

'Then you will know the truth,
 and the truth will set you free.'
   .. John 8:32