A reflection for Bible Sunday

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Offered for Sunday 25th October 2020


Reflections Script

Bible Sunday

October 25th 2020

What was the longest day in the bible?
It was the first day,
because on the first day there was no "Eve".
All Christians should never use dried milk,
because it says in the Bible
"Marvel not says the Lord".
Sport was in the Bible.
Solomon was serving in the courts of the Lord.
Peter stood up in the temple and was "bold"
When was beer first mentioned in the Bible.
The disciples all left filled with courage.
Who was the most elastic man in the Bible?
He tied his ass to a tree
and walked all the way to Jerusalem.
A pastor went visiting one afternoon.
He knocked on a door several times,
but no one answered.
He could see through the window
and the TV was on,
so he took one of his cards and wrote:
"Revelation 3 verse 20:
"Behold I stand at the door and knock,
if anyone will open I will come in"
He then proceeded to stick it on the door.'
The following Sunday,
a woman handed him a card with her name on it
and the following message.
"Genesis 3 verse 20,
"I heard thy voice, and I was naked -
so I hid myself"
A rather light and irreverent way
to start Bible Sunday
but I'm absolutely convinced
God has a smile on his face!
However, in a few moments,
more important reflections
on the centrality of God's Revelation
to us through his word.

Using the Collect of Bible Sunday,

Let us Pray

Blessed Lord,
who caused all holy Scriptures
to be written for our learning:
help us so to hear them,
to read, mark, learn
and inwardly digest them
that, through patience,
and the comfort of your holy word,
we may embrace and for ever hold fast
the hope of everlasting life,
which you have given us
in our Saviour Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen


To state the blinding obvious to start,
'The Bible' is not one book
it's 66 different books
all with different themes!

But it can also be used and abused,
a little, like the attempts at humour at the start,
but abuse is never to far away!
It's like the person who had the Bible
rule his life by opening a page
at random and then randomly
pointing to a verse.

One day this random approach
left him with a dilemma
for the verse he found
was from Matthew 27 v 5
'So Judas threw the money
into the temple and left.
'Then he went away and hanged himself.'!
Thinking this was a mistake
He repeated the daily random exercise
and pointed his finger to Luke 10 v 37
Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise."

However the name we give
to this collected works has much to offer us!
Holy means 'being Different'
and 'Bible' is a word for Library,
why is it a 'Different Library';
it's to tell us about God
and his relationship with us!

But how do the books in the Bible work
let's look at various genres,
first History?
We record History for many reasons
from shear interest
to learning from examples or mistakes,
remembering milestones,
making sense of who we are
and giving us a place in the bigger picture!

The Bible contains history
for all the above reasons,
but with one addition above all -
to recall the saving acts of God
in the history of his people,
supremely in the person
of his Son Jesus Christ

The next Genre 'Biography'!
History is made by people
and most of us are fascinated
by the lives of history makers,
whose names live on after death.

We may be impressed by their examples;
motivated by their commitments
and enthusiasm or warned by their mistakes.
The Bible also focuses on people,
but not just biographically.

It leaves out some of the small details
we like to know e.g.
what Jesus looked like,
and concentrates instead
on their relationship with God
and the part they played in his plans.

Is the Bible a Novel?
Most people like a good novel.
I'm not a big novel reader
but when I do take up a good novel
I became so engrossed I want to keep going until the end.

The characters,
figments of the author's imagination,
became alive interesting
and engrossing but remain
on the page and in our imagination!

The Bible does give us characterisation
the Gospels and The Acts of the Apostles
make for good reading
as they are telling about real people,
not just invented people.
Books of Job and Jonah
are good example of writing
aimed at helping the reader
to come to terms with
the problem of suffering.

The Characters in the Bible
are real people
and share their humanity with us.?

Poetry, is another form of reading matter,
very much an acquired taste?
But the Bible is full of it
expressing the whole range of human emotions!

Psalms are the most obvious example
also the prophets
often expressed themselves in poetry.

In fact
some of the most profound parts
of the bible are expressed in this way,
look one of the least quoted
books in the Bible, Songs of Songs.

A Collection of letters
is another way in which people,
shedding light on their character
and feelings
and say much about the context
in which they are written
for example the collection of letters
written by Winston Churchill to his wife!

Much of the new testament
is taken up with letters,
but while they reveal something
about the writers
they were also written
to some of the earliest churches
and designed to be read out loud
and thought important enough
to be included in the Bible
for all Christian's in every generation.

Books are also published
to promote and spread the views
of the author
not always universally accepted
for example Charles Darwin
'Origin of The Species,
Stephen Hawkins 'A Brief History of Time.

The prophets in The Bible
weren't afraid of saying,
what they thought,
but they knew this was a message
from God for his people,
written not to popularise
the writers individual thoughts,
but to ensure
that God's word reached
those he wanted to hear it.

Through the written word
we go on a whirlwind flight
through history
that is still being played out today
because it leads us to
God's Son Jesus Christ
in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

The flat print on a page
is more than that;
it is 'The Living Word of God'

An event from history to finish:-
At the end of World War II
downtown Warsaw was almost totally leveled.
Only one skeletal structure
remained on the main street,
and many devout Poles regarded it like a shrine.

It was the Bible Society
Head Quarters
and the words carved
in its only remaining wall
were clearly legible from the street:
"Heaven and earth will pass away,
but my words will never pass away."

and in typical preacher fashion,
finally finally,
Mark Twain said,
"It's not the parts of the Bible
I don't understand that cause me trouble,
but the parts that I do!"

Our Blessing

Holy Spirit of God,
invisible like the wind,
we do not see you moving amongst us,
but the effect we see -
come to our hearts:
that we may be renewed and reborn.

Open our minds:
that we may perceive your kingdom.
Lift up our eyes to see
where the cross of Christ
stands for our healing:
so may we believe,
and in believing
not die but have eternal life;
through him who came to save us,
Jesus Christ our Lord
And the blessing of God....