18th May 2023

  Pastor Stan Robertson says

  'The Father sees and collects every single teardrop'


Put my tears into Your bottle

The Father sees and collects every single teardrop that rolls down
our cheeks! He has stored them in His bottle of remembrance and
taken note of every single time we've experienced pain, weariness,
wandering, and all silent groans.
That's His tender and merciful love for us!

"You number my wanderings;
  Put my tears into Your bottle;
  Are they not in Your book?"

.... Psalm 56:8

At times, we feel not only small but insignificant before the world.
Our status in society, our jobs, careers, families, bodies, etc.
may not be what we had hoped for.

We may feel easily replaceable when we are constantly bombarded
with messages of status, power, and success - with images of beautiful
people and their amazing families being advertised everywhere we go!

We bring all these feelings and frustration when we come to God -
and even with Him, we sometimes feel too small to make any difference in
His grand plan for the world.

We feel unworthy, full of guilt and shame - not good enough to be
in His presence or even to be loved by Him.

In those moments, it's so easy to forget that God's love for us is not based
on our performance, our success in our job, or how 'good' we are to people -
but rather in His unconditional love and mercy for us.

We are HIS creation, He created us in His own image, for His own glory -
and have a unique purpose for us!

He wants to tell us today that He loves us more than we can possibly imagine.
We are far from being insignificant to Him! We are deeply loved and valued
by Him - so much that He sent His only Son to shed His blood for each and
every one of us.

He collects every tear that has rolled down our cheeks and takes note of every
time that we have been in any type of pain!

He desires for us to understand how much He sees us and our hurt,
those moments when we close our door and cry -
when we think no one else is watching us,
He's right there with us, collecting every single tear!

That pain is not for nothing.
That pain will be transformed into something that will be far above and
beyond what we could possibly comprehend.

We are not alone!
He wants that glorious day where He finally gets to descend and gather us
all with Him to see us face to face.

He wants that moment more than we do!
He cannot wait to embrace us!!
Keep believing! Keep looking up! He is coming soon!

Watchman Nee adds

Now let us consider what God does with our tears.
God remembers and counts our tears. God has not forgotten
one drop of our tears.

Revelation 7:17 says,

"God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."

The group mentioned here is the church.
God will wipe away every tear from the eyes of all the believers on earth.
This is the Lord's promise during the great tribulation and before the millennium.

After the millennium, the Lord promises another group of people,

"And He will wipe away every tear from their eyes;
  and death will be no more, nor will there be sorrow
  or crying or pain anymore; for the former things have passed away"

.... Rev. 21:4

This group of people are those who will be all the saved ones,
whether they are the church, the Jews, or the Gentiles,
will have the Lord's promise:
"God will wipe away every tear."

I love the New Jerusalem, not for its street of gold and gates of pearl,
but for the Lord's presence. There will be no tears there.

When a person is tired from walking, he goes away to sleep for a while.
Everyone is waiting for that day to come. We are not waiting to die.

Some have rested today.
If the Lord delays His coming, some will rest for thirty years or fifty years.
Some, like Paul, will have to rest for two thousand years before that day
will come.

Thank the Lord, we can cease from our tears when that day comes
and the world passes away.

In that day the Lord will give us a resurrected body.
However, in the transformed body, one thing will be missing -
tears in the eyes.

Tears belong to the night,
and there will be no need of them any longer.

Pastor Stan Robertson
Northampton Street Chaplain
The OutPost

and (Collected Works of Watchman Nee,
The (Set 1) Vol. 19: Notes on Scriptural Messages (3),
Chapter 5, by Watchman Nee)