2nd June 2023

  Kevin Carson considers the



Yesterday, while sitting and eating with my family,
two verses came to mind about how we are to live
as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our words are incredibly important.
We must equally reflect on the sense
"that they may see.." too.

16  Let your light so shine before men,
    that they may see your good works and
    glorify your Father in heaven.

.....Matthew 5:16

11  I appeal to you, my friends, as strangers and refugees
    in this world!
    Do not give in to bodily passions, which are always at war
    against the soul.
12  Your conduct among the heathen should be so good that when
    they accuse you of being evildoers, they will have to recognize
    your good deeds and so praise God on the Day of his coming.

.....1 Peter 2:11-12

We must consider how those who do not follow Jesus can see us.

In everything we do, we should do them in a way that they will see
'a good example'.
We do good when we live in a god-honouring way.
As we reach out to others, show kindness, speak truth in love,
listen well.

How do you respond to poor customer service?
to an unkind neighbour?
How about when things do not go your way?
when you don't get what you want? or
when someone else does something you do not agree with,
or appreciate?

As we live a life that honours God,
those around us are influenced toward Jesus.

Now, we understand that the only way someone will be saved
is through hearing the Word of God.
Faith only comes by hearing the Word of God.
In some instances, we will be the one who shares it.

We cannot afford to be silent while we simply live good lives.
Yet, we cannot maximize speaking over living either.

But, in doing both, people will see much more than they hear.

Therefore, we must live a Holy Spirit-empowered life while taking
opportunities to speak whenever we can.

Let me suggest three places where I have heard about Christians
doing a poor job along the way.

I have heard many food industry folks say how much they hate
to work on Sundays because of the "church" crowd.
They've talked about poor tips, maybe a Gospel tract with little
or no tip at all, rude behaviour, and impatience.

Although, on other days, unbelievers may do the same things,
it should not be so for those of us who follow Jesus.

I have heard unbelievers respond very poorly to what
Christians post on social media.
To be honest, over the years, I have not always 'been at my best'.

However, I am doing my best to bring all my social media use,
in all its formats, under the constant awareness of these principles.

I have also heard those who do not follow Jesus say,
"If that is the way Christians act, I do not want to have any part of it."


How do you respond when you do not get good customer service?
Do you respond in such a way that is consistent or inconsistent
with these verses?
Are people drawn to Jesus?

I have heard those, who we want to glorify God in the future
day of judgment, say something bad about Jesus or the Gospel
after having interacted with someone who claims loyalty to Jesus.

How can you apply this?

May God help us all as we seek to live in ways that 'they may see...'

Kevin Carson pastors Sonrise Baptist in Ozark, MO
( and is the Department Chair of
Biblical Counseling at Baptist Bible College and
Theological Seminary in Springfield, MO (