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Who Are Teachers in the Bible?

One of the most prominent teachers is without a doubt, the
Apostle Paul, who himself wrote approximately half of the
New Testament.

A cruel man turned good, Paul not only showed the example
of God's might but also taught us the very ways of Christian living
(Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians).
Paul was appointed by God to teach others about the Gospel.
He brings to light false mentors who deliberately pull us away
from God.

But the prime example of what a teacher ought to be is Jesus,
a masterful teacher and the perfect role model for all teachers.
Jesus' disciples often address him as "Rabbi" which means teacher.
The teachings of Jesus were deeply profound yet full of the glory and
goodness of God that we must emulate as well.

We thank God for allowing Paul to write with such wisdom and to send
Jesus down to personally teach us the ways of God. God has set paths
straight with His teachings, like King David who was led astray
by temptation.

God continues to teach us even today, for His presence is constant
in all that we do. Everything we know is from Him.

Teachers are important figures in our lives.
They are our guides who help us learn and understand more about the world.
They are prominent figures in our lives that nurture not just our minds,
but also our characters.

Considering so much of what they do for us, it's only right that we show
our appreciation for them. One way to support and encourage them is by
offering prayers for teachers.

Prayer is powerful and a way of showing love and gratitude to anyone.

Blessing our local school is a beautiful way to encourage hard-working
staff dedicated to our community's future generation.
It might be dropping off flowers or chocolates for the staff or
offering our time and skills as volunteers.

Our willingness to serve can make a significant difference.
(Copyright by Carl Brettle.)

Proverbs 16:24 says,

'Kind words are like honey -
 sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.' (NLT)

This scripture reminds us of the power of our words to
speak encouragement, kindness, and affirmation over our local
school community.

By speaking kind words, volunteering our time and skills, and
lifting up the school through prayer, we can bless our local school
and contribute to the well-being and growth of the students and
those who serve in the education community.

Most teachers would welcome encouragement and prayer with
open arms.
Go tell them they are valued for who they are and what they do.

The words we use have tremendous power.
The Bible says that life and death are in the power of the tongue.
I believe that our prayers will have more power and a greater anointing
when our everyday life is filled with words that uplift and bring grace
to others (Ephesians 4:29).

Speaking negatively is costly in the spiritual realm, while watching
what we say can bring spiritual reward.

In Jericho, God's people marched around the city in silence for six days.
When they finally shouted on the seventh day, the walls came down immediately.
Their silence and then shouting at the right time won them the victory.

When we walk and speak in the power of the Holy Spirit, we defeat the enemy.
When we 'abide in Jesus', His Spirit flows from our lives in word and
deed everywhere we go.

Our words can be kind and full of love.
Our actions along with words spoken with gentleness, peace, and
self-control demonstrate love even in the midst of our enemies.

When we refrain from critical and negative speech,
we must replace it with uplifting, positive, and grace-filled words.
Think about the words you speak.

Are they uplifting and do they bring life to others?
Ask God to help us evaluate our speech.

Jesus spoke plainly about our idle words, yet his warning often goes unheeded.
Jesus said that for every idle word there will be a time of accounting
in the day of judgment.

We would expect Jesus to condemn profane and vile uses of the tongue,
but idle words? Idle words are things we say carelessly, without concern
for their impact on others.
(Quotes by Henry and Richard Blackaby)

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