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A series of reflections looking at prayer.

'There is no right way of praying.
 There are just the ways
 that are right for you.
 But there is also the great
 heritage of praying that
 we can learn from and explore.

The Archbishop of York,
Stephen Cottrell'

It's the simplest thing in the world,
yet it can seem so difficult.
It's as natural as breathing,
yet it's hard to find the right words.
Just how do you learn to pray?

This short reflection series considers
ten basic questions about prayer
and offers simple helps for
making prayer a part of everyday life.

These include:

● What prayer is;

● When and where to pray;

● Whether words are always needed;

● What to do when prayer seems impossible;

● Praying alone and with others.

No one ever becomes an expert in prayer,
but this series sets out to help you
become more open to God's presence,
which is the heart of prayer.
It draws on the wisdom of Christians
across the ages and offers a
selection of easily-memorised
favourite prayers to encourage you
as you journey into prayer.

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